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Everything you need to know about people analytics

In today’s business world, data plays an important role in the improvement of an organization. When this data is obtained through various methods, it is essential to know the use that you will give to it. It is at this point, when people analytics becomes useful, to get the most out of them.

In this article, you will know what is this analysis and how to carry it out. In addition, you will be able to know what are the benefits that your company will receive when implementing it. You can see these aspects and more below.

  1. What is the definition of people analytics?
  2. Are there any advantages of people analytics?
  3. What are the types of data to analyze?
  4. How to implement the results of the analysis?
  5. What you should pay constant attention to?
  6. How can we help you with people analytics?

1. What is the definition of people analytics?

People analytics (HR analytics or workforce analytics) refers to the use of technology to study company data. This type of data is related to behaviors, relationships, and traits of its workers, to learn more about them. All of them are processed by specialized software to improve decision-making.

In this sense, the experts in these programs analyze all the details that have been collected in different ways. For example, through evaluation systems, navigation flows, interactions through different communication platforms, etc. This helps establish common variables, as well as create predictive models, among other benefits.

The HR departments of companies are increasingly using this methodology, due to its advantages. This helps organizations not only get to know their staff but can increase their satisfaction and productivity.

2. Are there any advantages of people analytics?

The advantages of carrying out effective people analytics are often not seen by those organizations that do not apply it. However, there are many advantages to performing a comprehensive analysis of the data collected. Below you can see these benefits:

  • Optimizes employee experience. Through data collection on every interaction with both employees and applicants, you can get this.
  • Increases company’s productivity. You will increase the success of the company not only in terms of profits but also in prestige, thanks to this kind of analysis. This is because your employees will be more satisfied.
  • Improves the sense of belonging. When you met the needs of the personnel with the management of the obtained data, they can see that the company hears them. Therefore, they feel more identified with their organization.
  • Builds trust among your executives. With the successful execution of programs determined by data usage, you will show the positive impact to your partners. This helps you build confidence when applying for new investments.
  • Reduces rotation problems. Through the use of this type of analysis, you will be able to identify the reasons and expenses for these inconveniences. This refers to compensation, productivity, absences, among other aspects.

3. What are the types of data to analyze?

Before you start the data analysis application process, you need to know what type of data you will be dealing with. In this way, the HR department will be able to manage each one of them according to the specific requirements. The types of data that you can collect are:

3.1 Organizational performance

This refers to the general productivity of the company obtained in a specific period. You can make the measure in terms of:

  • The benefit obtained per employee, for this you have to divide the total profit of the company by the number of employees.
  • The operating margin is the net profit achieved after deducting operating costs.
  • Profit of the shareholders, obtained by each shareholder of the company.
  • Return on assets is the income obtained divided by the assets.

3.2 Workplace monitoring

In this case, the measurement is made between the big data and other data collected in the organization. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine the combination between individuals and elements that have a key influence on the company. The measurements made in this sense include what is related to the workers.

This data refers to elements such as hiring requirements, the costs of recruiting personnel, as well as the processing of applications received. In addition, it includes aspects related to the qualities and productivity of the worker, termination of contracts, incidents, among others.

3.3 Interactions with customers

This type of data is one of the keys to the success of a company and is commonly carried out by the marketing department. At the same time, if combined with HR analytics, the success and growth of the organization can be enhanced and optimized. This measurement includes customer satisfaction and retention, customer engagement, as well as average earnings per customer.

3.4 Employee data

For an organization to be productive, it must be attentive to the concerns raised by its staff. For this reason, analysis is essential to know and cover every aspect of the relationship with your collaborators. In this sense, the pertinent data refers to behaviors, opinions, interactions, and others of a qualitative nature.

Proper handling of this data will help make better decisions about personnel, in addition to making operational changes. The aspects included in this sense comprise monitoring of the work cycle, performance review, evaluation programs, and evaluation of results, among others. In addition, you must identify which ones you want to influence and at what levels.

4. How to implement the results of the analysis?

Now that you know what you need before you start working with the results of your data analysis, it is time to take action. Next, you can see the steps to follow:

1. Work team

This must have a clear leader for the first stages of the analysis, in addition to being integrated with the corresponding departments

2. Prioritize the best data

The analysis will give better results if the data entered into the tools and software is accurate. In this aspect, the team must be in charge of filtering the data to obtain the most relevant and consistent. In addition, the HR department and the analysis team are in charge of cleaning and updating them.

3. Increase fluency

This is achieved with the training of both those in charge of Human Resources, as well as all the personnel involved. You can hire professionals to handle these analytics to educate your team. As well, having a pre-established scheme greatly facilitates the work of studying data, by setting steps to follow.

4. Set a schedule

People analytics is not something you can perform in a single day, so setting a roadmap is ideal. Remember that this is about building a strong business function structure and not just another team. Also, it should include constant improvement of the program to keep it updated.

5. Data integration

This is because the technology and the necessary steps involve the intersection of data. For this reason, it is important to collect data from various sectors of the company, as well as external data.

6. Focus on the action

The analysis must fulfill its mission; it is not only referential. Thus, the interested party has to take action with the result of these analyzes. Likewise, the corresponding team has to express and communicate the results.

5. What you should pay constant attention to?

It is not right to take the people analytics process lightly. Most companies increasingly focus on these programs to improve in every aspect. Therefore, there are a variety of elements that a company has to keep in mind so that the program does not become obsolete.

Consequently, the team in charge of the analysis has to take care of some of the elements that are numbered here:

5.1 Use of AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the elements that has become indispensable in many business processes, including Human Resources. Also, this tool allows the release of a certain load to this department, so that it can take care of the solution of other problems. So, this tool is one of the great utilities in a company and you should not be afraid to use it.

On the other hand, although artificial intelligence can perform manual work in less time and with less effort, it will not replace human talent. This is because empathy is not something found in a piece of technology. So what it is all about is getting the IA and the HR department to complement each other, creating a stronger work team.

Another advantage that AI also offers is that with the use of some technological elements (chatbots, libraries, etc.), the doubts of the employees can be answered. In this sense, it helps improve your experience if done the right way. So, you should always be constantly evaluating and updating artificial intelligence for this purpose.

5.2 Humanization of data

To make the use of people analytics more noticeable, build stories around the data. Therefore, it will help those who make the decisions to make sense of the numbers, so that they are not just that. In addition, they must be related to business challenges.

These stories need to be consistent and build trust with those you want to influence. Furthermore, the responsibility for the humanization of the data falls on the analysis team. This should create realistic stories that make people aware of the positive impact of such actions.

Likewise, there must be a balance between what is real and the objectives set, in order to avoid mistakes. Both big data and AI continue to advance, so this balance is essential. In addition, both the trust in these data and human decisions must lead the organization to advance in every way.

5.3 Changes in HR

The Human Resources departments of companies must be constantly updating the methods and technologies used. For this reason, people analytics has recently gained credibility and effectiveness in this part of the business. So, the gap that may exist between traditional HR and this type of analysis needs to be closed.

In this sense, this can only be achieved through the joint work between technology and the Human Resources of an organization. Therefore, these departments must create the new management model that is needed. In this way, the company will not be stagnant in terms of employee management, thanks to the technology at its disposal.

5.4 Technology of work

When saying that people analytics is to optimize the HR department, many think of HR technology. However, as has been seen, this technology is not only for this purpose, but also to improve the employee experience. Therefore, it should be known as work technology, since it is for everyone in the organization.

This is certainly not only for employees who are already there but also for candidates for any position. Therefore, the adoption has to be at all business levels to move forward together in all directions. In addition, technology can help improve the processes and experiences acquired.

6. How can we help you with people analytics?

The use of people analytics tools is facilitating many of the tasks of human resources departments. Also, it helps understand the situations that occur within companies, as well as the solutions to them. Implementing this type of analysis improves aspects that include productivity, employee experience, company prestige, etc.

Among the benefits that we offer you at PEO Middle East, we provide you with the best management of these aspects in human resources. Likewise, they can count on our professional recruitment services in the UAE. If you need an employer of record, we can also offer you the best of the entire market.

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