Future of remote work

Future of remote work: How to set your business up for success

The future of remote work is based on several factors, among which is its increase. Many companies applied it due to the pandemic, and yet they decided to continue offering it to their employees. There are a variety of reasons why remote work has its future assured in the so-called new normal.

In this article, the aspects that will allow remote work to continue to be a real option for many companies are detailed. Also, you will find the strategies that will make your business successful if you decide to embark on this type of work. Let us see:

  1. Can telecommuting be effective?
  2. What will the future of remote work look like?
  3. What is the best strategy for remote work?
  4. How can we help you with strategies to have the best remote work team?

1. Can telecommuting be effective?

future of remote work

Currently, it is easy to understand telecommuting as an effective way of working, something that a few years ago did not seem like a good idea. For business owners and managers, the most natural concern was the loss of productivity due to telecommuting.

However, studies indicate that, in most cases, remote employees are more productive than their counterparts. For example, they work a little longer than those who do it face-to-face in an office. Also, the unproductiveness of a remote worker decreases by more than 10 minutes a day compared to a face-to-face worker.

However, many remote employees may experience increased stress and difficulty balancing work and daily life. This is only a negative aspect that you can diminish or eliminate by implementing remote work correctly. Therefore, the future of remote work depends on a good implementation and a thorough study to see if you can implement it.

2. What will the future of remote work look like?

When it comes to the future of remote work, specialists areinvestigating its tendencies of it. Hence, you can see below these and other features that remote work is showing. In this way, your company can build its remote team based on them.

2.1 The percentage of remote workers is on the rise

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking has increased and is expected to continue to increase soon. Studies indicate that by 2025 the workforce that works remotely may reach 70%. Thus, many technology companies are allowing their remote employees to continue working that way.

Therefore, it is no surprise that many other non-tech companies are also offering more remote work opportunities.

2.2 Not for all companies

Despite the above, not all companies have the potential to enter the future of remote work. This is because telecommuting involves certain factors, and the type of organization can also affect it. For example, the financial, insurance, business services, and technology sectors, among others, are prepared for it.

However, there are certain types of industries that are more difficult to implement complete remote policies. To name just a few are those that rely on physical care, the operation of machinery, and tasks that rely on collaboration.

2.3 Remote work does not necessarily involve a drop in productivity

A major concern of companies is that, with remote work, the productivity of the business will decrease. There is also the concern of how businesses can monitor this aspect and improve it. Though, the data related to remote work shows that you will not lose productivity in your business.

Similarly, many remote workers have reported that they feel more productive working from home. In addition, employers are finding that they are more confident in the productivity of their employees, as remote work becomes more popular. This is also reinforced by the use of a digital solution that suits your business needs.

Therefore, the future of remote work in your company depends on your choice of a suitable virtual platform.

2.4 The future of remote work requires strong and frequent communication

A company that wants to implement remote work needs to establish proper policies and communicate them to its workforce. For that reason, you must carry out a thorough review of your policies and work processes to include telecommuting. This way, it avoids the anxiety that the lack of knowledge about planning for the future of work can produce in employees.

Ignorance by the worker of these changes can lead to decreased satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, you must create articulated policies on the work plans you want to carry out in the future. Some studies show that, in a company that has such policies, its productivity and the well-being of the workers increase.

2.5 You must manage performance differently

To manage your remote workers, you will need to restructure how you set goals and measure performance. In the latter case, you must evaluate the well-being and commitment of the employees to offer a good job performance.

Thus, you can conduct meetings through intelligent software systems to keep your attendees engaged. Furthermore, you can take advantage of this technology to have good communication and improve the collaboration of your remote team. They also help you hold private meetings with each worker to get their feedback.

2.6 You can implement a hybrid work scheme

Hybrid work combines working from home with time spent at the office. Many companies are making a balance between the demands of the business and the wishes of the employees with this modality. This type of work can offer advantages to the business, as well as to its employees and contract workers.

For example, it means a lower cost of business for the company, and employees may be happier and more motivated. However, you must establish communication plans that are strong enough as if the work were remote. In this way, you will not burn out your employees because of this modality.

2.7 The future of remote work depends on digital investment

All the above aspects must be reinforced with the implementation of technological solutions suitable for this type of work. Productivity is what will determine if remote work has a future in the business world. Consequently, a company must invest resources so that these solutions can get the job done and collaborate efficiently.

Therefore, it is not only the commitment and determination of a worker that increases productivity but the tools as well. Hence, a company must have a fast digital network, updated software, and easy to use.

3. What is the best strategy for remote work?

future of remote work

An employer who wants their business to be included in the future of remote work, too, must overcome the inherent HR managenerial challenges. In addition, you must combine your leadership with collaborative methods and tools, to have sustained success. Therefore, you can be guided through the following points to achieve this:

3.1 Establish a remote work structure

The way to make remote work pay off for you is through the establishment of a solid structure. Start by knowing exactly the necessary configuration of the digital structure that your business needs. Therefore, set a guide for your employees and team leaders to get used to remote work. Having a strong HR management team by your side can easen this process.

Thus, first of all, you can define what will be the hierarchy structure that your remote work team will have. Also, set communication levels so your employees know who to report to and contact directly. Therefore, use project management tools for efficient collaboration between all participants.

3.2 Manage employee time efficiently

Remote work has changed the way workflow and employee performance are managed. Thus, previously, you did not need very sophisticated tools to handle these aspects. You just needed to have the right team that will oversee these issues.

One thing you need to watch out for is that the productivity of an employee does not decline over time. This can happen if there is a lack of supervision of the work of the employee or its organization. In this sense, the use of an appropriate tool can help you solve both problems.

For example, you can use software or applications that help keep track of the time spent by the worker. In this way, you can more efficiently evaluate the particular performance of your remote employees. Also, you can have a centralized database with all the data clean and organized properly.

Additionally, you can use software to manage repetitive tasks that can take away the productive time from a remote worker.

3.3 Establishing effective communication is essential

As mentioned above, the future of remote work demands effective communication to make it work. Remote work requires communication that is as fluid and of quality (and even more so) than face-to-face work. For this, you need to establish a proper communication system through a modern comprehensive system.

Therefore, you need a centralized system to ensure efficient and consistent communications. Some may even offer you things like video calls, chat, and mobile apps to make this aspect even easier. In this way, comprehensive software that allows you to improve productivity, engagement, and production is ideal.

3.4 Prevent your remote employees from burning out

The success of remote work also depends on your employees not being physically and mentally burned out. Therefore, you must find solutions so that your workers do not burn out. Not necessarily remote work is suitable for all types of people, and some may not be comfortable.

Perhaps they may be having personal problems that prevent them from working efficiently, decreasing their productivity. Therefore, as a company leader, you must approach remote work in a personalized way for each remote employee. In this way, it helps the well-being of each of its employees, as well as prevents their burnout.

Also, the individual needs of the worker must be your priority, and personal meetings help this. These must be cordial, to know what their emotional state is regarding the type of work they do. In addition, you can find out what they need to encourage them more and make them more productive.

3.5 The company culture must adapt to remote work

The corporate culture of your business should also foster the personal and work well-being of the remote employee. Thus, it ensures that remote work has the success that your company is waiting for. Having a positive company culture is easy when you have your entire workforce working in the same place.

However, this is not easy when you have remote workers, as they will be used to not interacting with their colleagues. Thus, the group meetings can be carried out regularly so that they can relate more frequently.

In the same way, you can host online team-building events that help your remote workers stay in touch. Additionally, you can regularly engage in non-work-related activities for a pleasant interaction. In this way, your remote worker can increase their happiness and mental health, as well as productivity and efficiency.

4. How can we help you with strategies to have the best remote work team?

Remote work or teleworking has seen its implementation increase in recent times, thanks to certain advantages it offers. In addition, everything indicates that this type of work will continue to grow and be implemented in many more companies. Therefore, if your company wants to be successful with remote work, you must follow the recommendations outlined in this article.

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