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How do I hire the best remote worker?

Currently, companies have adopted a new way of working, telecommuting. Of course, just like in person, you want to hire the best remote worker for your company. It is a process similar to normal hiring, but it must meet certain particular skills.

In this article, the aspects that must be taken into account to carry out this recruitment are indicated. In addition, you will be able to refer to the phrase “remote work”, as well as the benefits that are obtained. Let us see:

  1. What is remote work?
  2. How is this work done?
  3. What are the benefits for the worker?
  4. Is there any benefit for the companies that hire them?
  5. How to hire the best remote worker?
  6. How can we help you hire the best remote worker?

1. What is remote work?

Hire the best remote worker.

Remote work is one where employees perform their duties in a place other than the work center or office. In this case, the work does not need to be carried out in a specific area to be successful. So instead of constantly commuting to an office, remote employees execute their projects and accomplish their goals wherever they want.

When you hire the best remote worker allows him to develop creative capacity, as well as surpass any proposed objective. Also, this type of work has grown today, being beneficial for business growth.

2. How is this work done?

There are different ways in which the staff of a company can take care of it remotely. This is the advantage of this labor system since the worker chooses the way of working that is comfortable for him. For example, people have the opportunity to work remotely for almost the entire working day.

However, they will have to attend face-to-face meetings at the office at least one day a week. On a typical day for these workers, they are usually at home, or nearby cafes and will attend the company only when necessary. An alternative to face-to-face meetings is those provided by virtual platforms designed for this purpose.

On the other hand, there are spaces called coworking where some remote workers go. These places act as centers of community, productivity, and technology, offering excellent network connectivity and the opportunity to meet people from other industries.

In addition, these spaces are occupied by people with full-time jobs, entrepreneurs, or people with independent careers. In the same way, companies can rent an office area for their staff or themselves. That is why coworking spaces are the midpoint between remote and face-to-face work.

Therefore, this medium offers you the combination of the pleasure of working from home with professional comforts. Also, the worker has the opportunity to establish contacts that he would only find in a corporate environment. For all this, by hiring the best remote worker, they will have flexibility, efficiency, and comfort.

This is because this system allows you to set times for them to work when they are most productive or creative. Similarly, some remote employees decide to expand their professional area to different countries of the world.

3. What are the benefits for the worker?

In the previous section, you got a glimpse of the benefits of being a remote worker. Now, you will be able to see in detail each one of them:

3.1 Work flexibility

The most common reason for those who want to work remotely is because of the more flexible lifestyle. This is because they do not need to come to your office on a fixed set schedule. In this way, remote employees can focus on personal matters outside of the workplace.

Another advantage, in this case for workers with children, is that they can start work earlier in the day. Thus, you can share with them when they get home, or they can attend a medical appointment during the day. Additionally, this allows remote employees to gain further education in their field if desired.

3.2 Improvement in worker well-being

When you manage to hire the best remote worker, they will be less stressed, and more motivated than their counterparts in the office. One situation that may seem obvious is that most remote workers are absent less than face-to-face workers. This is because they felt more engaged and focused instead of stressed or pressured.

3.3 Fresh perspective

These types of employees feel more inspired by their workplace environment and can adapt the environment to their work needs. In this way, they have a new perspective of the position they occupy in the organization to which they belong. Likewise, they see it as a motivation for their work, and they also feel encouraged to continue exceeding their goals.

4. Is there any benefit for the companies that hire them?

Hire the best remote worker.

Below you can see the benefits your company will get:

4.1 Increased productivity

One of the advantages that the remote worker has (flexibility), will also bring benefits in productivity. These employees are more likely to go the extra mile compared to employees in the office. This is a consensus among employees and employers, who believe in the productivity associated with telecommuting.

4.2 Save costs

Hiring the best remote worker also allows you to obtain visible results in this regard. This is thanks to a well-distributed work team, which reduces the general expenses of rent and office furniture. These savings can be increased as your remote workforce grows.

4.3 More engaged employees

One of the reasons employers offer remote work is to keep their employees happy and engaged. It is a fact that many workers would leave theirs for one that offered remote work. Therefore, pay attention to this point if you want to retain or incorporate talent into your business.

5. How to hire the best remote worker?

The process to hire the best remote worker is as follows:

5.1 Work description

A clear job description allows the reader to understand the role, requirements, and how to connect with your organization. Also, it should be direct but brief and catch the attention of your audience to make your request. Some things that this description must have are a suitable title, the type of employment, a summary of the same, and responsibilities, among others.

5.2 CV review and selection

The next step to hiring the best remote worker is to review the resumes of the interested parties. In this case, it is about having a good recruitment funnel technique for your business. At the same time, I evaluated the skills and cultural suitability of those who do fall within the ideal candidates.

Also, consider the following qualities when making a new remote worker hire:

  • Skill in producing results.
  • Impeccable work ethic and ability to work independently.
  • A clear vision of projects and skills for their management.
  • Good attitude and proactivity.
  • Basic skills and willingness to learn.
  • Values adjusted to those of your company
  • Interested in growing in your role.
  • Potential to lead others if the case arises.
  • Good common sense.

5.3 Interview

Something that has become common in modern times is the use of recruitment technology in companies. One of these alternatives is the video call interview, with various modalities, but the meaning is the same. In this sense, send an email or a message to the candidates you want to interview and schedule the right time.

5.4 Capacity assessment

Evaluating the capabilities of the applicants is an important moment when hiring the best remote worker. In this sense, you should inquire about your skills as a remote worker and in general. Also, make sure he meets the necessary qualifications and is a good group worker.

5.5 Review employee history

This element is important to verify not only the work history but the work ethic of a candidate. Professional references serve to authenticate skills as a worker and confirm roles and responsibilities. In addition to these, personal references will allow you to know who the worker is as a person.

5.6 Communication

A remote job must have effective communication, an essential element in this type of work. This condition implies how it is done and what time is right for it. For example, if the employee is in a different time zone, you must set appropriate hours to establish communication.

5.7 Set expectations

When hiring the best remote worker, set expectations for their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, your remote workers need to be onboarded and introduced to the company and their colleagues. For these reasons, hold meetings to introduce employees and guide them through management and reporting practices.

5.8 Make a contract

This is the point where you need to set specific rules when hiring the best remote employee. This is the time when your company makes the hiring official and establishes the nature of the arrangement you have discussed. If you have these types of workers, you probably have standard documents that you adapt for this new hire.

Also adjust them to make sure you define the work, how it is delivered, management requirements, projects, and compensation. Also, for creative work and more advanced projects, further detail the contract. For example, include details such as the final project, confidentiality agreements, as well as indemnification clauses.

5.9 Send the offer to the chosen person

After drawing up the contract and having selected the ideal candidate, create the respective offer and send it by email. In this, explain each of the details that you have defined in the contract so that the applicant evaluates the offer. Be sure to notify the person for what reasons you want them to be a part of your business.

Set a certain time for the person to respond to the offer, which can be a few days. Either way, keep a list of candidates in case your first choice turns down the offer.

5.10 Administrative procedures

In case the candidate accepts, the next step to hiring the best remote worker is the necessary paperwork. In this case, the HR department comes into action to carry out all the necessary incorporation procedures. You will also need to set up payroll for new hires and manage payment details.

Similarly, if you contract in another country, it may have different tax implications and requirements. In these cases, it is good to have the services of an employer of record, who will know these requirements. It will also help you with the legal statutes that govern working at the location of the remote worker.

5.11 Remote worker onboarding

After you have completed all the necessary paperwork and paperwork, it is time to incorporate. This is about introducing the employee to your company and its policies, as well as the tools they will need. The incorporation of the remote staff member involves the training for the position and all the necessary elements.

Also, organize regular monitoring and training meetings to get the best performance from your staff.

6. How can we help you hire the best remote worker?

Remote work is a modality that has increased in recent years, thanks to its proven effectiveness. In addition, it is not only beneficial for those who carry it out, but for companies, they will have certain advantages. Although the process is similar to hiring other employees, you should consider certain qualities and characteristics of this job.

In our organization, we have the experience to help you in the hiring of this type of worker. Likewise, our employment specialists help you in the recruitment of specialists in various areas. You can also contact us if you want to do the onboarding of both remote and face-to-face employees.

Do you still have questions about how to hire the best remote worker? You can send an email to the address [email protected]. Also, you can contact us at +971 43 316 688 and we will kindly assist you.

If you want to join our work team, go to where you must submit your CV. Also, you can send applications through [email protected].

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