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Know about executive search firms in Dubai, UAE

Hiring a high-level executive in the UAE or anywhere else is a challenge for any company. However, there are specialized executive search firms in Dubai that can help you with this task. This way, you will have professional services that guarantee you find the best according to your business needs.

In this article, you will learn about the meaning of an executive search and the work of the firms that do it. Also, you can see in detail the types of search and the companies that carry out so that you know which one is the best for your business. You can see it below:

1. What is the meaning of executive search?

2. Executive search firm

3. What are the types of executive search?

4. Is there a difference concerning the search for other employees?

5. How to select an executive search firm?

6. What are the top executive search firms in Dubai?

7. Do you need executive search help for your company?

1. What is the meaning of executive search?

What is the meaning of executive search.

Executive search (also called headhunting) is a specialized recruitment service used by business organizations. These companies use the services of experts to recruit highly qualified candidates for senior and executive positions. These positions include presidents, executive directors, and non-executive directors.

The common method involves hiring a consulting firm, or also a company specialized with extensive experience in HR management. These organizations research the availability of suitably qualified candidates in the market. Furthermore, this search does not follow traditional methods, it is done confidentially.

Thus, when hiring employees, the Human Resources department is in charge of this process. However, it may be inappropriate, given the fact that the executive can make decisions about that department. Therefore, a consulting company is the one that performs the search work instead of this work team.

Another reason to hire these specialists is because of the type of qualifications that are needed. These differ from those required for production workers as well as mid-level managers.

2. Executive search firm

An executive search firm offers specialized professional services in the recruitment of executives and other senior personnel. Likewise, they often have a wide range of personal contacts in their industry or field of expertise. They also possess detailed and specific knowledge of the area, in addition to operating at the highest level of executive positions.

These firms are involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to their clients. They do this when the candidate meets all the established requirements and fits into the culture of the hiring company. They typically have long-standing relationships with clients, and in those cases, the suitability of the candidates is paramount.

These companies operate with a high level of skill and privacy. These professionals are generally hired when the client does not have the internal investigative resources, professional networks, or evaluation skills. However, they can also do it to hire competitors without doing it directly.

It may also be because they cannot choose among candidates not available through common practices. They also differ from conventional employment agencies in that they do not work to find opportunities for employed or unemployed people. This is because their mission is to find the right people for a given executive position.

You can find excellent executive search firms in Dubai for national and international recruitment. Many specialize in a particular business sector or a wide range of options.

3. What are the types of executive search?

There are several types of executive research: the retained search, the delimited search, and the restricted search. In addition, a global, regional, or local search can be performed. Next, you can take a look at them:

3.1 Retained search

The executive search firm secures a retainer to begin searching for a corporate officer or other senior executive position. Search fees represent a percentage of the annual compensation of the hired executive. In many cases, the costs are divided into installments that are completed after or after the placement of the candidate.

Also, these organizations provide a guarantee to make a task if the hired candidate leaves before a set limit. Similarly, in a retained search, the fee is for the time and expertise of the search firm. This is used to carry out the hiring effort from the beginning until the candidate has started working.

There are several things to consider when businesses decide whether to hire a retained search company or another. These considerations include time, available financial resources, objectives, the importance of discretion, and confidentiality.

3.2 Delimited search

Another type of high executive search is the narrow or committed search. It often tends to be misclassified as retained search but there are clear differences. As in the previous case, companies that perform this type of search require an initial fee.

One difference, however, is that the fee is refundable if the recruiter fails to secure a hire or other item specified in the contract. In addition, the initial cost is relatively small and is deducted from the final placement fee. This consists of a pre-established percentage of the selected first-year compensation of the candidate.

Both types involve a partial payment before filling the position, and the recruiter hired searches exclusively. Therefore, the search can be tailored to the needs of the organization, with the constant consulting of the professional. Both types set a deadline for completion or refund of the initial payment.

3.3 Contingent search

In the case of companies that perform this type of search, they receive remuneration only after completing the search. This means when the candidate accepts the position. In addition, these recruiters can earn a percentage tied to the first-year salary of the executive or a hiring fee.

Likewise, the company that wishes to search pays the fee corresponding to this executive search process. In any case, the contracting company is the one that pays the corresponding fees and not the candidate.

4. Is there a difference concerning the search for other employees?

Executive search process.

In the case of the normal recruitment process, the vacancy opens and the candidates apply. Under this scheme, the most suitable gets hired, according to the requirements of the position to be filled. Thus the volume of applicants is much higher than when looking for an executive.

Similarly, when a company hires a professional in this field, it adopts a different method. In this approach, the recruiter approaches the candidate and not the other way around. In addition, the offer is made public in the first case, while in this case it is done confidentially.

Thus, the professionals of this service focus on the market made up of people who are not looking for work. However, an attractive opportunity or offer from a candidate actively seeking employment can always be presented.

One of the big differences is how the consultants work together with the client company. This search requires more resources and gives companies a deeper understanding of what they need. In this way, you will find the ideal candidate to fulfill the role or position you are looking for.

5. How to select an executive search firm?

There are several things to consider when choosing a consulting firm in Dubai, such as:

  • The reputation and references of the firm.
  • Their presence regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • The scope of candidates: both the sources and the clients.
  • Your functional experience.
  • What industry knowledge do you have?
  • Rate of effectiveness: the number of placements concerning the candidates found.
  • Average time for the presentation of candidates.
  • Replacement rate: number of replacements per candidate found.
  • The guarantees they offer, complementary, and pro-bono services.
  • Fees and expenses.

The organization must consider this since a bad placement or an incomplete investigation can be more expensive than expected. Especially when you consider the time and resources spent on business travel, meetings, interviews, and evaluations.

Similarly, ask about the methodology of the firm, including how often they will report progress. In addition, the quality and structure of the same, as well as the completeness of the reference checks of the finalist candidates.

Another matter of great importance when it comes to finding the ideal firm is the consultant in charge of the search. In this case, it is a matter of knowing if it will be the same consultant who will manage and respond to the search. As well, as if the person shows interest in knowing the facilities and the executives to become familiar with the structure and culture of the company.

6. What are the top executive search firms in Dubai?

Now that you know the ins and outs of hiring a specialized recruiting organization, it is time to learn about some of them. These firms guarantee quality work, thanks to the experience accumulated in hiring executives. So you can see a list of executive search firms in Dubai, to know which one to use.

6.1 PEO Middle East

This full-service consulting firm has more than 20 years of experience in general recruiting. This ensures that your business grows according to your needs. Plus, with a wide range of successful hires, you can count on her to find the right executive for your business.

Likewise, its services of Employer of Record, Professional Employment Organization, and Human Resources management complement the search. Therefore, they also help you in these aspects so that the hiring is comprehensive. Another benefit is that the range of industries they cover is wide, all handled with the same quality.

It offers its recruitment services not only in Dubai but throughout the UAE and internationally. For these reasons, PEO Middle East is among the top 10 executive search firms in Dubai.

6.2 Connect Resources

Another of the companies that is located at this top of firms is Connect Resources. Specialists in the general and executive recruitment process, with more than 20 years of experience in the Middle East. In addition, this organization provides a personalized service that brings you guarantees of time and cost savings.

Likewise, they can offer you the recruitment of high-level executives that fill the needs of your organization. They carry out constant feedback with their client companies to obtain optimal results. Another point in its favor is the constant renewal of its database so that the search profiles are up to date.

They offer their services in the UAE, guaranteeing an effective response to any difficulties that may arise. With their multiple staffing and recruitment services, they make it an important item to consider.

6.3 Other firms

In addition to those mentioned above, in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East, you can find other firms to hire executives. These companies can provide benefits that are tailored to the needs of your business. Likewise, they have qualified professionals for the identification and hiring of executives.

Therefore, when choosing a firm for an executive search in Dubai, you have multiple options. Determine which one not only fits your needs but has a track record of success like the ones suggested. This is because knowing the stories of satisfied customers provides security when choosing the best.

7. Do you need executive search help for your company?

Carrying out this type of search is not an easy task, due to the challenges that companies face. Therefore, the best step to start is to hire a firm that specializes in the subject. In Dubai, you can find several organizations that can help you find the best candidate, such as PEO Middle East.

In this sense, we can offer you our high level of experience in hiring all types of workers. Likewise, we offer our Employer of record service for such hiring. Also, if you want to have the best employee onboarding service, you can rely on us.

Interested in learning more about executive search in Dubai, UAE? You can easily receive our help by contacting us via email at [email protected]. You can also call us on +971 43 316 688.

Also, to work with us, you can send us your resume to [email protected]. Similarly, go to if you would like to apply for a variety of jobs in the Middle East.

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