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How to Check Labour Card Number Online UAE Simple Steps

If you reside in the United Arab Emirates, it is probable that you need to do a labor card check online. But one query that is frequently asked is, “How to check labor card UAE? “, therefore we will talk about it here. PEO Middle East promise to help you with the very simple procedure of checking the status and number of your labor card.

In this article, we will walk you through the procedure of checking a labor card in the UAE. We will also discuss how to obtain a labor card number, what a labor card is used for, and other topics. You must be aware of the information on your labor card in UAE in order to start the application process and more.

  1. What is a labor card number in the UAE?
  2. How to check labor card UAE?
  3. Work card renewal process
  4. Can I cancel my work card?
  5. How may PEO Middle East help you with how to check the labor card in the UAE?

1. What is a labor card number in the UAE?

labor card check

In the United Arab Emirates, a work card, colloquially called a work permit, serves as identification. Employees must have their work card with them when traveling within the country. Contains information about the employee, including name and occupation, employer, nationality, expiration date, personal identification number, work card number, and work permit number.

Anyone from outside the UAE who wishes to work and live there must have a valid visa stamp. The UAE Employment Card is issued by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, so once the expat has a residence visa, they can apply for it.

Depending on the length of employment and the type of employment, not all visas and passport numbers fall into the same category; however, a work permit is often granted for a period of two years. Only the residence visa (even if it is a family resident visa), Emirates ID and work permit are valid for more than two years. Additionally, it is always the duty of the employer to complete renewals on behalf of the employee in a timely manner.

The company can frequently submit an NOC for visa application after they have the employee’s residence visa. The following is a list of the documents needed for approval:

  • Sponsoring company business license (valid and active).
  • Photos of specific people.
  • Residence permit.
  • The passport must be legal for at least six months.
  • Medical authorization (valid and active).
  • The worker’s contract in triplicate. One belongs to the worker, the other to the employer and the other to the Ministry of Labor.
  • Educational certificates and other professional certifications.

2. How to check labor card in the UAE?

If you are constantly searching search engines for questions like ‘how to find work card number with emirates id’ or ‘how to find work card number?’ Thus, to verify your UAE Labor Card number with emirates ID, simply visit the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization site or app. As a result, you can find out how to check your labor card number here.

To start the UAE work card verification process, you need to install the MOHRE app. Available for Android and iOS, it is easy to find in your phone’s app store.

If you want to go through the UAE employment card verification process, you will need to set up an account. When you are ready to use and manage the service, open the app after installation and click the ‘Sign up’ option to create a profile page on the official website of the UAE Ministry.

After pressing the Sign Up button, you will be followed by three options. To register an employee account, you must choose the first one. Use this alternative if you work for a private company in the United Arab Emirates and want to view your electronic work permit. However, if you work for an organization owned by the UAE government or a free zone, you cannot use this system.

First, let us find out the work card number by:

2.1 Step 1

To start the employee registration process in the MOHRE UAE application, enter your valid passport number and details in the boxes, select your nationality from the dropdown list and enter your date of birth.

2.2 Step 2

You must use your email address and phone number to create a username and password for the MOHRE UAE app. Therefore, after completing the registration process, an activation link will be sent to your email address and an activation code to your mobile device.

2.3 Step 3

After selecting and answering the security questions, click the Next button.

2.4 Step 4

Please read all the app terms and privacy statements. After selecting I Agree, click Next. As a result, you are one step closer to verifying your UAE employment card number.

2.5 Step 5

Enter your verification phone number and email address to view your Dubai work card and finish this stage. Then click Submit OTP to submit your OTP (One Time Password).

2.6 Sixth step

Open your mailbox, check your smartphone for the activation link and enter the access code in the window bar in step 6. Then press the option click here in your MOHRE email.

The activation process is complete. Therefore, you can now use the MOHRE app to view your employment card information and use its services.

2.7 Access to the MOHRE application

Enter your username and password to access the MOHRE application. Our company makes every effort to answer the question “How do I find my work card number?” and “What is the United Arab Emirates work card number?”.

2.8 Answer security questions

Once you have entered your answers to the selected questions, click the Submit button. UAE work permit number will be available soon.

2.9 Go to the employee panel

After answering your security questions and logging in, you will see your name, PIN, photo you received as an employee, and immigration documents. Therefore, click here to see how to check labor card in the UAE.

2.10 How can I check my labor card online?

After registering and login in, choosing “My Dashboard” will provide you access to the following sections:

  • First, your employment card.
  • Your Contract of Employment.
  • An extra copy of your passport
  • Information about your company.
  • The UAE labor cards’ check insurance and expiration dates.
  • Your information, such as your social security number, your job on Visa, and many more.

3. Work card renewal process

labor card check

You should always be aware of the expiration date of your work card renewal, so it is important to verify your EAU electronic card. In this case, you will not be charged a penalty for expiring your work card or renewing your work card in 2022.

Applications must be printed and all documents related to the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates (MoHRE) must be scanned. Accordingly, the submissions are entered into the Ministry’s database for verification. However, they will verify that all the necessary procedures and requirements are correctly fulfilled.

With the help of the Ministry’s Application Status Inquiry, the applicant can check and monitor the progress of the employment contract and the overall approval process. However, the applicant must contact the Service Center if any of the required documents are missing to fulfill the missing requirements.

The following list contains the documents:

  • A colored snapshot.
  • A genuine and current copy of the business license.
  • Copy of the current and previous contract.
  • The school certificate.
  • Letters of approval from the competent authorities (if the worker requires it).


Payment amounts often range from AED 290 to AED 4,800 and are entirely dependent on the job card category.

Only those who are 65 or older can renew their work card. However, the company must pay a special fee of 5,000 dirhams at the time of renewal if it is necessary to renew the labor card of a worker over 65 years of age.

3.1 What happens if I lose my work card?

If you lose your UAE work card, you will need to get a new one. Therefore, companies that complete the online forms provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) provide the printed materials to complete the applications.

However, the applicant must send all documents duly scanned to the Department’s database. Therefore, the applicant must confirm and ensure that all relevant documentation and proper conditions are duly fulfilled before submitting all important files.

The app would then start processing the data if all the requirements are met and the ministry would then issue the work pass through PO Box. However, if documents are missing, the applicant will be notified.

Necessary documents:

  • A single copy of the passport.
  • A color image.

If the work card is lost, the police record certificate is legitimate by the labor inspection department of the Ministry of Labor.

4. Can I cancel my work card?

Yes, people can revoke their employment cards. In general, there are six categories of job offer cancellations.

  • Normal cancellation.
  • Cancellation of used labor cards.
  • Cancellation of unused work permits.
  • Unfortunate cancellation.
  • International cancellation.
  • Cancellation of death.

To cancel the work card, you must present the necessary documents. The Department of Labor is where you can void your work card. However, a work card can only be revoked by the employer.

Cancellation method:

To cancel an employee’s signed labor card, the employer must submit a corresponding application in the correct format to the Emirate Ministry of Human Resources (MoHRE). The employee’s remote work visa must be revoked by the employer by submitting an application to the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Relations.

Additionally, the company must revoke the entire work permit or employment card. The ministry also requires a signed document stating that the employee received the contractually agreed salary certificate.

In conclusion, using electronic services thanks to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is another way for employers to revoke work cards in the UAE.

5. How may PEO Middle East help you with how to check the labor card in the UAE?

It is crucial to understand “how to know my labor card number online” and how can I get my labor card number if you plan to live in the UAE. Learning how to check a labor card in the UAE is very important. Our business is more than willing to help you throughout the procedure and beyond.

We have years of experience in the field and help people and businesses from all across the area. However, you may browse our case studies or the testimonials section to see what our clients have to say about us. Do not hesitate any longer, join forces with PEO Middle East.

We can provide you with all the assistance you want in the creation and legalization of this kind of certificate thanks to our experience. We also provide various services that might help you and your business get the finest outcomes. Among these services are:

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