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Business advances as technology do too, to favor it at many points. For example, virtual recruitment has become a trend in recent years, with well-proven benefits. It is a way to save costs, time, and also raises the productivity of the entire company.

In this article, you will learn what this recruitment refers to, as well as the advantages it offers. Likewise, you will know what to take into account to carry them out and the most appropriate tools. You will also be able to see how PEO Middle East helps you in the recruitment process. Let us see:

1. What is virtual recruitment?

2. Are there any advantages of this type of recruitment?

3. What are the challenges?

4. What are the legal considerations to take into account?

5. Tools for virtual recruitment

6. What do we offer you with our recruitment service at PEO Middle East?

7. How can we help you in this regard?

1. What is virtual recruitment?

Virtual recruitment is the process of hiring employees done remotely. This means that there is no face-to-face meeting between the employer and the applicant. For this type of interview, the contractor can rely on technology to conduct interviews, surveys, evaluations, etc.

Due to globalization, and recently due to the pandemic, this type of recruitment has greatly increased. It is also currently used for hiring remote workers. Therefore, it is something that sooner or later many companies will be applying when recruiting new employees.

2. Are there any advantages of this type of recruitment?

Over time, the advantages of recruiting personnel using this method have become evident. This is because many companies were already doing it even before the pandemic and have been successful. Some of the advantages of virtual recruitment are:

2.1 Cost reduction

The well-executed automation of this process allows you to alleviate many of the manual tasks involved. In this way, the procedure is optimized and more accurate in finding the best applicants. Thus, your company can save costs in interviews and those related to the reimbursement of candidates far from the workplace.

2.2 Save time

Automation is possible for each of the employee hiring processes. In this way, you can implement them so that all stages can be completed in less time. For example, interviews can be scheduled at flexible times using video conferencing software.

In addition, they can cover a greater number of applicants in less time, through videos or online evaluations. Either way, you will reap the benefit of time savings.

2.3 Breadth of candidate selection

A great advantage of virtual recruitment is the attraction of a greater number of applicants for the positions of your company. This is because you may consider candidates who were previously not on your list, for a variety of reasons. Thus, you will not lose candidates with the talents that you need in your company and that otherwise would not be contacted.

Likewise, you will eliminate hiring biases that often get in the way of finding qualified talent. This is thanks to the equality of opportunities that each candidate who applies for the position will have.

2.4 Continuity of recruitment

It is well known that the Covid-19 pandemic multiplied the use of remote workers. As a result, many companies not only considered the use of telecommuters but virtual recruitment began to be implemented. Thus, this became a viable alternative in any kind of situation.

Therefore, no matter the circumstances, as long as your applicants have internet access, you can proceed with the recruitment process.

3. What are the challenges?

Although this kind of recruitmenthas its advantages, many companies prefer the traditional method, even in the normalization period. However, this is not to say that you immediately rule out this type of recruitment. This simply means that there are challenges to face.

However, these challenges can be met with the right approach and respective considerations. You can also take a hybrid approach to the process, this is through the use of virtualization and traditional methods. Below you can see the challenges of this type of incorporation of workers:

  • Measure adaptation to the company

This process can be challenging, as there is no determination of whether the candidate fits into the work culture. This is because, as the interviews are not face-to-face, only until the moment of starting work is where it will be seen. Perhaps the new employee feels that he does not fit into the work team.

However, the opposite may happen, that the work team does not see the new worker as part of the team. And while this may mean an early exit, it can also be temporary. However, at PEO Middle East we offer solutions for this type of inconvenience, thanks to our experience.

  • The candidate’s experience

It may also happen that, since the interview is virtual, the candidate does not feel valued or committed. Of course, this is not necessarily always the case but your company cannot rule this out immediately. Interviews conducted using one-way communication make this impression.

Therefore, the idea is to establish methods to make virtual interviews more interactive. In this way, the applicant will have greater participation and will identify more with the company. Here we offer you a service that will satisfy both your company and your potential employees.

4. What are the legal considerations to take into account?

As with the traditional way of recruiting employees, virtual recruitment must be subject to local laws. In addition, you must ensure that your job advertisements do not limit the hiring of employees for penalized discriminatory causes. Employee requests should not be driven by preferences on attributes such as:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Civil status
  • Race
  • Religion
  • political sympathies

Many recruiting apps remove any bias that screens out potential candidates.

Similarly, at the time of the interview, it must be carried out according to legal requirements and in a fair manner. At the same time, present your company as a suitable place to work, in addition to using professional language.

5. Tools for virtual recruitment

Now that you have learned the most important aspects of virtual recruitment, it is time to learn what tools to use for this purpose. Also, you already have some of the necessary tools such as smartphones and emails. However, the technology goes far beyond that, as there is specialized software for every need.

Some of these tools are:

5.1 Applicant Tracking System or ATS

This system allows you to find the right candidates for each job more quickly. It can be used for messaging candidates, scheduling interviews and reviews, and making job offers. Plus, you can reach candidates wherever they are and at any time.

5.2 Communication software

This technology will allow you to connect with applicants or employees anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, you can establish talent search markets, effectively saving costs. This means interacting with multiple applicants at once.

Thanks to this, you also save valuable time to invest in other matters of the selection process.

5.3 Videos

This is one of the most used tools at the time of remote hiring, it offers the opportunity to conduct traditional interviews in a virtual environment. This also saves costs for the organization and allows for meeting flexibility. Plus, recruiting managers, recruiters, and applicants will save time.

This tool is of indisputable utility when hiring international workers. Some of the methods you can apply are:

  • Interview

This method consists of a traditional interview where there is an interaction between the interviewer and the interviewee. In addition, it saves logistics costs generated by traditional calls. It also provides a comfortable environment for the applicant, especially in terms of transfers.

  • Video quiz

In this case, candidates must answer a series of pre-established questions in a given time. This helps to establish a filter of applicants according to the analysis of their responses. As with other tools, this one helps save time and resources, contrary to the traditional.

  • Smart video

Recording a smart video is a fairly common option, thanks to the benefits it offers. You will have a video that you can carefully analyze and thus evaluate certain aspects of the applicant.

5.4 Employee onboarding

Of course, every company wants its processes to be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time. In this sense, having an employee onboarding tool achieves this objective. Something that PEO Middle East can offer you for saving money in this process and being satisfied.

In addition to the above, with onboarding automation, you can maximize engagement and accelerate productivity. As well, by standardizing processes, you can ensure that each step is properly accomplished.

5.5 Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations have the idea that artificial intelligence is impersonal and mechanical. However, this tool is of big help. This technology is applicable in many aspects of the recruitment process, to facilitate them.

Thanks to the precision achieved with AI, you will get exact results when selecting the candidates that best fit the position. In this way, you will avoid losing the top-talent thanks to the categorization based on experience and skills. This technology also helps eliminate bias in hiring, allowing you to meet inclusion requirements.

5.6 Virtual recruitment market

Recruitment markets are a good way to approach applicants. Of course, the specialized software for this allows you to eliminate the need for it to be in person. These events allow interaction between applicants and recruiters, through chats or other tools.

This type of software may include elements that allow optimization of marketing processes, applicant registration, messaging service, brand management, etc. The advantage of this is that it can be done from any device such as Smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.

6. What do we offer you with our recruitment service at PEO Middle East?

Our professional employer organization offers you the solutions you need in the virtual world. The recruitment of personnel is a demanding task for any business, due to the investment of time and costs. But with our technology and human resources solutions, you will save on both.

We offer you the best service of recruitment, so you do not have to worry about this process. We have the tools and the most suitable team of professionals to carry out this task. Thus, you will be able to occupy your time in other tasks such as the expansion of your business (in which we can also help you).

If the remote hiring process is something you already use in your company, we help you improve it. On the contrary, if your company continues to work traditionally, we can advise you on the implementation of technology.

All this we offer you with total security, thanks to the fact that we have more than 20 years of experience. We have vast knowledge and we have the best team of talented professionals to guarantee success in your business. So if you want to start or improve your virtual recruitment process, you can trust us for that.

7. How can we help you in this regard?

Virtual recruitment is not a new practice, however, it has experienced growth in recent times. It offers many advantages that the traditional way does not offer and although it presents certain challenges, the benefits outweigh them. Evaluate each of the processes you want to modernize and you will reap great benefits.

In addition to employee recruitment services, we also have the most efficient PEO in the UAE. Other services include relocation services within the Middle East, as well as global immigration. Also, if you need business advice, you will get an effective consulting service.

If you want to know more about virtual recruitment, contact us at any time. You can do this by sending us an email to [email protected]. In the same way, you can call us by dialing +971529521175.

Additionally, if you want to work with us, send us your CV through [email protected]. Create an account on to explore this and many other employment options.

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