Bahrain Global Immigration

Bahrain Global Immigration

Bahrain Global Immigration- If your business is diversifying to other markets and is sending foreign workers to Bahrain; we are here to assist you in this process. In PEO Middle East, our main goal is to allow you to successfully establish and expand into Bahrain. Thus, with our innovative solutions, we provide our partners with peace of mind while we solve tedious Bahrain Global Immigration tasks .

Bahrain Global Immigration , Compensation and Benefits

Bahrain Global Immigration- That is to say, our team of experts will assist in every step of the different immigration processes you will face when you send workers here.

Table of content

  1. Immigration summary
  2. Type of work visas in Bahrain
  3. Requirements to acquire a work visa
  4. Benefits of working with us in Bahrain
  5. Why PEO Middle East is the best option for you in Bahrain Global Immigration?
Bahrain Global Immigration

Immigration summary

Foreign individuals need a standard work permit to conduct business activities in the country. In addition, all applicants must sign a contract with their sponsoring entity. However, this permit is issued for 2 years and it is renewable close to the expiration date.

This legal entity sponsoring the foreign national must apply to the Regulatory Labor Market Authority and this will go through the Directorate of Passport, Residence Affairs, and Nationality to check the applicant does not have security objections and does not have any unsettled criminal investigations.

The process of ‘Bahrainisation’ is a set of requirements regarding the number of local workers in place for organizations hiring 10 or more ex-pats, but this depends on the sector. Therefore, slots of work permits are granted based on these regulations.

However, citizens of countries members of the Gulf Co-operation Council excepting Qatar (Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE) wanting to work in the country do not need to apply for a visa or a work permit. Thus, they just need to complete registration under the Social Insurance Organization stating that they are GCC nationals and activate their ID card.

Type of work visas in Bahrain

If you are looking to employ foreign nationals in the country, you must know if they need a work visa. In addition, British citizens by birth and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states can enter the country without a visa. That is to say, British nationals are able to stay in the country for a month and get an extension through the Directorate of Passport and Immigration.

However, other foreign nationals can apply for the following visas:

Visitor visa: foreign individuals applying for this type of visa need sponsorship from a Bahrain national applying on the foreigner’s behalf. However, this visa is valid for 1 month and the individual cannot conduct business.

Tourist visa: this type of visa is issued for 2 weeks to citizens from Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the US, Australia, the EU, and Japan. Likewise, the individual is not allowed for employment purposes.

7-day and 72-hour: foreign nationals visiting for a short period can acquire one of these visas upon arrival. However, it requires onward plane tickets and a valid passport.  

Business visa: individuals wishing to stay in the country for more than 1 week for business purposes need this type of visa. Thus, this visa is valid for 4 weeks, and its length depends on the type of trip.

Work visa: your workers need this type of visa if they are working. Moreover, this permit is valid for 1 to 2 years and the individual can obtain residency. In the same vein, the company arranges most of the paperwork.

Family visa: immediate family members of your worker need a family visa, also known as a residency permit; they are able to live in the country for the length of the employment contract. But they cannot conduct work of any type under this visa.

Requirements to acquire a work visa

Employers or Bahraini citizens are required to sponsor individuals looking to acquire a working visa in the country. But the number of visas your business can sponsor depends on the size of your company’s workspace and quotas set by the employment laws of Bahrain.

Likewise, you will handle all application processes on behalf of your worker and show an employment letter, the worker’s capacity, contract duration, and registration number.

However, in PEO Middle East we take care of the different immigration processes so you can focus on running your business.

Other requirements include:

  • Passport of your worker.
  • Proof of payment of the fee.
  • A successfully completed visa application.
  • Copy of the employment contract with the worker’s basic information such as name, nationality, and birth date.
  • Passport-sized photo.
  • Medical screening test stating the worker is healthy.

Benefits of working with us in Bahrain

  1. Access to experts: in PEO Middle East we provide our partners in the country with the best assistance aimed to solve your needs.
  2. Tailored service: you can customize our comprehensive solutions so you can solve your immigration requirements.
  3. Local support: establish your workforce in the country comfortably since our local team of experts will ensure legal compliance.
  4. Focus on your business: you will be able to focus on your business while we take care of the different mindless procedures.
  5. A single point of contact: having just one partner handling all your administrative tasks and processing all your employee’s applications will give you free time.
  6. Fast service: working with us you ensure short waiting times for your work permits and visas; we ensure efficiency in your processes.

Why PEO Middle East is the best option for you in Bahrain Global Immigration?

In PEO Middle East we totally understand that your company and your workforce need the best professional services in Bahrain. On the other hand, we provide our partners in the country with the best professional services that will allow you and your business to expand into this beautiful country.

Similarly, our team of experts has vast experience in immigration and legal activities; they will help you in every stage of the process. we can also provide Employer of Record Services in the Middle East for More Contact Us Now.

To sum up, if you would like to find out why we are the best immigration service provider in Bahrain, or if you have additional inquires; you can email us via [email protected]. Or you can call us if you want via +971 433 1 688.

Bahrain Global Immigration Compensation and Benefits

Bahrain Global Immigration- An international workforce is an essential tool for your company's growth. Expansion comes with a few hurdles, though. Managing your team in a single office involves several administrative tasks. Those responsibilities become even more challenging when you have employees around the world.