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Oman Global Immigration- If your company is sending employees to work in Oman or is expanding throughout the globe; we are here to help. In PEO Middle East, we allow our partners to rapidly process visas for your employees in Oman while complying with the immigration laws. Similarly, our experienced immigration team allows us to help all-sized businesses in Oman develop and plan Oman Global Immigration strategies.

Oman Global Immigration, Compensation and Benefits

Oman Global Immigration- In addition, we also provide you with the best services and solutions that will allow you to focus on your business since we will take care of the different tedious processes.

Table of Contents

  1. Immigration summary
  2. Type of Work Visas in Oman
  3. Requirements to acquire a work visa in the country
  4. Benefits of working with us in Oman
  5. Why PEO Middle East is the best option for you in Oman?
Oman Global Immigration

Immigration summary

Employees need a labor card and an employment visa for any work activity in the country. Likewise, you must have in mind that all applicants must sign an employment contract with their sponsor. However, ‘Omanization’ states the percentage of the needed local workers for businesses hiring foreign nationals.

That is to say, the age for all foreign individuals applying for work visas is from 21 to 60 years.

In addition, ID and labor cards are issued for the period of the principal individual’s local labor contract up to 2 years and with the discretion of the related authorities. Likewise, ID and labor cards are renewable without any restriction but they do not lead to permanent allowance.

Similarly, the Omani Ministry of Manpower (MOM) bans companies in Oman from hiring foreign individuals in 87 positions ranging across 10 sectors. In the same vein, the Ministerial Decree 2018/38 stated that the affected sectors are:

  • Engineering.
  • Technical Professions.
  • Air Transport.
  • Human resources and administration.
  • Accounting and finance.
  • Finances.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Information and media.
  • And Insurance.

Most importantly, companies registered under the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI) or the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development are free from this government ban.

However, labor permit cards (or employment authorization) and ID cards are requested for GCC nationals to conduct any business activities in the country. In addition, all applicants must sign a contract with their sponsoring entity.

Type of Work Visas in Oman

Oman has various types of business for anyone wanting to visit or work in the country. Let’s observe:

  • Scientific research visa: this type of visa is for foreign individuals entering the country only for scientific research. Likewise, local scientist authorities must request the visa on behalf of the ex-pat.
  • Visit visa: this is one of the most common options for basic entry into the country. However, all foreign individuals must acquire a valid entry visa in order to enter the country. But this does not apply to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals. In addition, these types of visas come with their own types such as family visits, tourists, and businesses.

Similarly, this type of visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and, varies depending on the type.

  • Employment visa: companies in Oman must acquire this visa on behalf of foreign individuals aged 21 or older. However, both the worker and the company must meet some specific requirements in order to apply. Thus, this visa is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.
  • Investors’ visa: this type of visa is for foreign individuals wanting to invest in the country. However, it requires approval from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
  • Family joining visa: spouse and children of the foreign worker under the age of 21 are able to apply for this visa. In addition, this visa requests a marriage certificate from the Ministry of Interior confirming the union. Likewise, this visa is linked to the worker visa, it expires when the worker’s residence permit expires.

Requirements to acquire a work visa in the country

Certainly, the entire procedure of sponsoring a foreign worker is time-consuming and error-prone, it also requires certain documents. In PEO Middle East we take care of this tedious process for you so you can focus on your business. But, is important for you to know the requirements. Let’s observe:

  • A list of the required foreign workers, including genders and positions.
  • Omanization strategy showing all the positions you would fill with Omani workers.
  • Copy of the worker’s passports valid for at least 6 months.
  • A valid copy of the work license, issued by the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Relevant qualifications and certificates of the employees.
  • 2 recent passport photos.
  • A job offer letter or an invitation from a legally registered company.
  • Proof from academic or educational institutions.
  • Attestation from the Oman Embassy and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country of the worker.
  • A Medical screening test from an approved hospital in the home country of the employee.

Benefits of working with us in Oman

  1. Speed and compliance: we want you to expand quickly in the Oman market with our professional services focused on providing the best assistance.
  2. Tailored service: we allow you to orient our services according to your specific needs aimed to solve your problems.
  3. The best local expertise: acquire the necessary documents with our local team that is always up-to-date with the best immigration practices.
  4. Smooth process: you will have peace of mind knowing that we have a team of experts assisting you in every step of the process.
  5. Broad immigration advice: in PEO Middle East we provide you and your business with guidance regarding how to maneuver local immigration processes.
  6. Assistance with documentation: working with us you will not need to worry about paperwork since we will take care of it for you.

Why PEO Middle East is the best option for Oman Global Immigration Services?

In PEO Middle East we understand that your business and your workers need the best service in Oman. That is to say, we provide you with the best professional services that will allow you to expand into this beautiful country. Likewise, our team of specialized experts has great experience in immigration and legal tasks and they will help you in every step and you can also get Employer of Record Services for Us, However, if you would like to find out how we will provide your business with Oman Global Immigration professional services; you can either email us call via [email protected]. Or you can call us at +971 433 1 688 if you prefer.

Oman Global Immigration and Benefits

Oman Global Immigration- An international workforce is an essential tool for your company's growth. Expansion comes with a few hurdles, though. Managing your team in a single office involves several administrative tasks. Those responsibilities become even more challenging when you have employees around the world.