What do you need to know about the recruitment process in the UAE?

recruitment process in the UAE

The recruitment process consists of all the necessary steps to identify vacancies for a job position. This includes determining the minimum requirements that applicants must meet and reviewing the applications of each one. It is important to know the recruitment process in the UAE to know what to do when applying for a job.

In this article, you will learn about the different steps of the recruitment process, the importance of having a consultant, as well as some tips to highlight your soft skills. We will also talk about some advice, questions, and answers for an interview in a recruitment process in the UAE. Let us talk about the content in more detail:

  1. What are the different steps in the recruitment process in the UAE?
  2. Tips for job interviews
  3. When are salary and benefits discussed during the recruitment process in the UAE?
  4. What are the advantages of having a recruitment consultant for the recruitment process in the UAE?
  5. How to give a good impression during the hiring process with your soft skills?
  6. How can this agency help you in the hiring process in the UAE?
  7. What are the different steps in the recruitment process in the UAE?

1. What are the different steps in the recruitment process in the UAE?

Although there may be different steps depending on the job and the company, there are some basic recruitment steps in the UAE. These are the ones to follow after you have delivered your CV and that can help you get the job more easily and attract the employer.

Before reading these basic steps, it is important that you know that, following the recruitment policy in the UAE, the process can take more than a month. You must be patient and not try to contact them repeatedly. Instead, wait for a month to pass before contacting them again.

1.1 Human resources evaluation

This first step consists of an evaluation of your resume. It is important that your CV contains information relevant to the area of ​​work to which you are applying. Many companies use a program that scans your CV and searches for keywords that match what is related to the work area.

1.2 Interviews

Interviews occur after HR has decided which CVs meet the minimum requirements for the job. The interviews for the recruitment process in the UAE can be of different types. Among them are telephone interviews and two rounds of face-to-face interviews.

The phone interview is an opportunity for the human resources representative to confirm what your resume states and ask some basic questions. This interview usually lasts 15 minutes. Depending on your answers, the representative will send your CV to the hiring manager.

The hiring manager will then read the resumes of the applicants recruited by human resources. Depending on qualifications and work experience, he or she will decide candidates for face-to-face interviews. This interview is longer than the phone interview and consists of a variety of questions, from personal to work questions.

The hiring management usually chooses two or three people to conduct a second and final interview. Another hiring manager conducts this second interview, which consists in knowing about your personality and character.

1.3 Waiting and making a decision

Once all UAE interview requirements have been completed, the next thing that remains is to wait for the answer. This wait can take up to 35 days, although it can be immediate if the vacancy needs to be filled urgently.

The decision process usually consists of the two hiring managers, both the one from the first and the second interview. They discuss the qualities of each candidate and the impressions they got from them, to reach a joint decision.

1.4 Salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is the last step in the recruitment process. During the negotiation process, the hiring manager can state a salary to discuss. The salary could be above or below what you are expecting. It is important that you know the typical salaries according to the job and your residential area.

Before completing this last step in the recruitment process in the UAE, it is important that you have in mind the salary that you would like to receive. In addition to reading the list of salaries mentioned above, it is important that you know your skills and abilities, which will dictate the salary you deserve.

If you are interested in working in the UAE but you are not in the country, you can still apply for the hiring process. There are many benefits of hiring international workers, take that in your favor.

2. Tips for job interviews

Interviews can be a cause of increased stress during the hiring process. It is a time when you have to feel confident and be prepared for different types of questions. In order for the process to be carried out more calmly, it is important that you know the UAE interview requirements. Also, it is important that you know about the labor law in the UAE before deciding to apply for jobs in the Emirates.

2.1 Questions you might expect

Some of the most common questions in the recruitment process are:

  • “Tell me about yourself”
  • “What are your strengths?”
  • “What are your weaknesses?”

To correctly answer these questions, you can make a list of three qualities that stand out the most about yourself. Think about a particular weakness that is not related to the job and explain how you are improving it. You must be prepared for these and other questions.

2.2 Questions you should ask

During the interviews, you will also have the opportunity to express doubts and questions. Take this as an opportunity to find out about the company, the environment in which you will work, and details about the job that were not mentioned in the interview.

You can ask about the day-to-day experience at work. You can also ask the manager what their favorite part of the job is or if they have any doubts about your skills. Try to maintain a flowing conversation that shows you are interested in the job.

If you’re an employer, you can also look into professional employer services to improve your business and keep your employees happy. 

2.3 Extra tips to keep in mind

Here are some additional tips that could help you meet the UAE interview requirements:

  • Do not speak negatively about the people and companies you worked for before.
  • Do not ask questions on salary or benefits before they mention it.
  • Have confidence in yourself, but also be humble.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Research about the company before the interview.
  • Be prepared for any kind of questions.

Given the global health situation, many jobs are hiring remote workers. If you cannot attend work in person, you can ask about remote work.

3. When are salary and benefits discussed during the recruitment process in the UAE?

The salary discussion can be one of the most stressful moments in the recruitment process in the UAE. You have to prepare before discussing the salary and you should be open to negotiation and dialogue.

Usually, companies indicate the salary in the job offer. It will be eventually discussed in the personal interviews; in case it is not indicated in the offer. It is important that you do not try to rush the conversation, but that you prepare yourself.

During the recruitment process in the UAE, it is common to find salary lists. Make sure that the listing corresponds to the area in which the company is in Dubai. Based on this, think, and prepare the salary you would like to receive according to the job.

In case the salary is below what you expected, attempt to negotiate the quantity. You can also negotiate multiple benefits offered in the UAE instead of negotiating the salary. For instance, you can ask them to consider more vacation days or better insurance.

4. What are the advantages of having a recruitment consultant for the recruitment process in the UAE?

Applying for a job is often a stressful situation, especially when there are many options and you do not know where to start. In this sense, a recruitment agency can be of great help. A recruitment agency is an organization that links skilled unemployed people with employers.

With a recruitment agency, you will be able to work with a recruitment consultant.  A recruitment consultant will help you get a selection of job offers that suit your skills. They will also explain all the steps of the hiring process and the recruitment policy in the UAE, and they will give you advice along the way.

Whether you are looking for a new job or want to discuss your career options, a recruitment consultant is always open to conversation. The primary step is to let the consultant know you and, through them, learn more about the recruitment agency.

One of the most important aspects in letting your consultant know you, is to focus on your personality, particularly your strengths and abilities. It is also important to be open and honest about your requirements and needs. You should tell them about your previous jobs, as well as your current job preferences and desired salary.

Another one of the multiple benefits of working with a consultant during the recruitment process in the UAE is their extensive knowledge of the market. A recruitment consultant usually knows when a job is just starting to recruit. They can even contact companies that do not have open hiring.

If you are not hired for the position you wanted, the recruitment consultant will still keep in touch with you. It is important that you maintain contact with the consultant for future opportunities. You can also work as a recruitment consultant if you have experience in your job area.

5. How to give a good impression during the hiring process with your soft skills?

Soft skills are a combination of different social skills, including communication skills, time management, empathy, teamwork, among others. Soft skills are of great importance in the hiring process. They define your ability to work in a team, which you have to do in almost any job.

To better demonstrate your soft skills, you can think of a phrase that defines you as an individual. This phrase also referred to as a pitch should highlight those abilities in you that you want your employer to notice. Also, showing yourself enthusiastic about working will help you in the recruitment process in the UAE.

Another important soft skill is body language, that is, the non-verbal way in which you convey what you think. Some of the tips you should follow are eye contact when you address a person, a straight posture, among others.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions is a sign that you are paying attention and it is an opportunity to practice your communication skills.

Even though soft skills may not seem mandatory for the recruitment policy, they are vital to make you stand out from other candidates. Some of them are necessary for the UAE job market, such as emotional intelligence and openness to feedback.

6. How can this agency help you in the hiring process in the UAE?

The hiring process can be stressful. It consists of many steps and things to contemplate, such as questions, interviews, and soft skills. A recruitment agency can do plenty of the work for you and make the process easier. They can connect with employers and get you a variety of opportunities.

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