International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)


In a short time, the formation of organizations in the IFZA Dubai Free Zone has become a successful alternative among investors from all over the planet. The International Free Zones Authority (IFZA) has earned a reputation as the cheapest free area for organization formation in Dubai. It gives some facilities for the formation of organizations in IFZA, integrating giant conference rooms, digital sets, a high discount on business license in IFZA and good connectivity.

If you are also interested in setting up an organization in Dubai, we suggest you choose the IFZA free area organization. In this article, we provide all the elemental information related to the meaning of IFZA Free Region Company Registration, IFZA Business License and IFZA Free Region License Price for 2022.

  1. Why choose the organization setup in IFZA Dubai instead of other free regions?
  2. What is the process for the formation of the IFZA Dubai Free Zone organization?
  3. Documents Required to Obtain a Business License in the IFZA Free Region
  4. What are the steps to obtain a residence visa in the UAE through an IFZA company?
  5. IFZA Free Region License Price in 2022
  6. What are the PRO Services in IFZA Free Region?
  7. What are the free trade regions in Dubai?
  8. Why set up your business in a Free Trade Region?
  9. What is the universal authority of free regions or IFZA?
  10. Can I get a UAE residence visa through an IFZA company?
  11. How can PEO Middle East help with IFZA?

1. Why choose the organization setup in IFZA Dubai instead of other free regions?


If you want to establish a strong presence in the UAE market, you can opt for the IFZA free region organization setup. Organization formation at IFZA provides low-cost licenses, a simple process to follow, based on and minimal paperwork for those aspiring to do business in Dubai. Benefits of renewing your IFZA free region business license

  • Profitable possibilities for setting up your trade.
  • Responsibilities are limited for organization building at IFZA Dubai.
  • It gives you various visa free and visa packages with huge discounts.
  • It offers you opportunities to start business with other organizations from free and mainland regions.
  • Take advantage of 0% income tax for you.
  • The physical existence of shareholders is not required for the formation of organizations in IFZA free regions in Dubai.
  • It enables you to operate outside of the UAE.
  • Increase the availability of commercial and trading services for your organization.
  • Allows 100% ownership.
  • Enables the repatriation of one hundred percent of profits and capital.
  • It gives a fast and remote registration process.
  • It gives up to 6 occupations in a single license.
  • Easily open a bank account.
  • It is not necessary to have a physical office location.
  • The deposit is not required for a work visa.

2. What is the process for the formation of the IFZA Dubai Free Zone organization?

Since most things happen remotely online, IFZA Free Region Organization Registration is only a few clicks away. All you need to do is to go to the official website and choose a right package as per your trading requirements.

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) issues various types of licenses:

2.1 Commercial license

A business license gives you the legal rights necessary to begin the methods of importing, exporting, storing, and delivering.

2.2 Industrial license

An industrial license applies to those organizations that wish to import raw materials into their vicinity. It is possible for you to start a trade in the construction and processing of certain selected products.

2.3 Professional degree

Consulting organizations and service providers are expected to have professional license issues for them.

2.4 Consulting license

To provide expert consulting services for experts, a consulting license should be held at IFZA.

2.5 Service license

Service production and transportation are the key occupations permitted for those who hold service licenses issued in their company’s name.

2.6 General business license

A vast range of services and business opportunities will remain accessible to you if you have an IFZA general business license. A general business license allows you to start selling your goods and services in a B2B, B2C and C2B business model.

3. Documents Required to Obtain a Business License in the IFZA Free Region

The following is a list of documents required for IFZA Free Region company formation in Dubai:

  • Replica of your passport.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Proof of entry or visit visa to the UAE

4. What are the steps to obtain a residence visa in the UAE through an IFZA company?

After obtaining your business license at IFZA, you can order your organization’s establishment card within 5-7 days.

  • Complete the claim system and send it to IFZA.
  • Receive visa assertion
  • Go for a medical check-up (in less than 2-3 business days).
  • Take the test doc.
  • Ask for your Emirates ID.
  • Choose the Emirates biometric scanning process.
  • Pick up your emirates ID and visa in around 9-10 days.

5. IFZA Free Region License Price in 2022

IFZA Dubai Inzone License price includes the price of General Business License, Service License and Consulting License. A descriptive selection of all the components that contribute to this prize pool is as follows:

  • IFZA 1 Year Business License Package with 1 Investor Visa package price can range from AED 17,900 to AED 27,900.
  • A 3-year IFZA business license package can cost around AED 43,700 – AED 65,000.
  • The price for a 5-year IFZA Independent Region License can be around AED 62,500 – AED 85,300.

6. What are the PRO Services in IFZA Free Region?

  • Trade Union Establishment Card.
  • Modification of the commercial license
  • Residence visa for all employees and other organization bureaucrats.
  • Employee work permit.
  • Trade name acceptance.
  • Notarial and legal legalization.
  • Obtaining a lease.
  • Business license renewal.

7. What are the free trade regions in Dubai?


Background of understanding what is the World Free Region Authority in Dubai, we must first understand what is a free region. In essence, Free Trade Zones (FTZs) or Free Trade Zones in Dubai are special economic regions where organizations operating in them remain exempt from all kinds of taxes such as income tax, cost added tax (VAT), corporate tax and customs. The purpose of these regions is to encourage foreign investment and promote economic activity in the emirate. Dubai has actually been the first city in the United Arab Emirates to incorporate the free region model in the territory.

There are well over 30 free trade regions currently operating in Dubai, one of them being the Universal Free Trade Regions Authority (IFZA). Free trade regions in Dubai are governed by a particular framework of rules and regulations. A Free Region Authority or FZA issues business licenses to foreign-owned organizations. Each FTZ has its creation around one or more industry categories and only licenses business to certain organizations in those categories. Most of the emirate’s free regions offer extensive industrial licenses, legal and economic services to investors seeking to start their businesses.

The free regions in the emirate are operated and administered by the relevant authority. As an example, the Jebel Ali Free Area Authority in Dubai is in charge of supervising, governing and operating the Jebel Ali Free Area, one of the largest free regions in Dubai.

8. Why set up your business in a Free Trade Region?

There are many advantages of setting up an organization in a Dubai Free Trade Region that business owners need to be aware of. These are the 5 main benefits of establishing a business in an FTZ:

8.1 100% foreign ownership

Possibly the most striking benefit of setting up an organization in a free trade region is full ownership rights as an expatriate. In a free trade region, foreign investors have the ability to enjoy 100% ownership of their trade without the help of a UAE sponsor.

8.2 Private and corporate tax exemptions

The UAE’s tax system is precisely one of the most obvious reasons to start an organization here.  Therefore, you can get the cheapest free region license in Dubai and get 100% exemption from income tax (personal tax), community tax and cost added tax.

8.3 Simple configuration

Obtaining a free region license from a Dubai Free Region Authority is a fairly straightforward process. However, the precise process of company formation can change depending on the type of business you want to engage in. However, in the vast majority of cases, basic documentation and paperwork are more than enough to get you started.

Past requirements for registering an organization in a Dubai free region include: deciding the type of legal entity, renting or buying an office, applying for a business license and obtaining other prior approvals

Exemption from export and import duties

The jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates exempts businessmen from the payment of export and import duties without limitations of monetary regulation. However, the flexibility in currency regulation makes financial transactions safer and easier.

UAE Government Support

The United Arab Emirates regime supports and welcomes foreign investors. Therefore, Free zone authorities help new organizations time and time again to get FTZ license in Dubai and after.

9. What is the universal authority of free regions or IFZA?

Located in the heart of Dubai and world-class, the universal free regions authority or IFZA business park belongs to the most relevant investment centers in Dubai. IFZA has been founded by Dubai Silicon Oasis in August 2018 in Fujairah and moved to Dubai in August 2020, significantly increasing its fame among the authorities of the UAE free regions.

As this FTZ offers opportunities for building free zone organizations in Dubai with various lucrative packages, IFZA Dubai is highly recommended by investors from all over the world. However, this is not the only reason why IFZA Dubai is recommended over other free trade regions. IFZA Business Park gives special incentives and benefits that keeps you ahead of the curve.

10. Can I get a UAE residence visa through an IFZA company?

If you have opted for a visa entitlement leave, you can apply for a Dubai Independent Region Visa. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic disease, UAE immigration requires the visa holder to be present in the territory for the issuance of the Freezone Dubai visa.

The UAE e-Visa will be sent to you within 4-5 business days after you submit your application to IFZA Dubai. Once the visa is issued, the visa holder should take the doctor test and ask for the Emirates ID. However, the necessary documents for the test and the identification of the Emirates are:

  • Original passport.
  • A replica of the electronic visa issued by IFZA.
  • 3 passport size photos of the visa holder with a white background
  • IFZA company license.
  • Company establishment card.

11. How can PEO Middle East help with IFZA?

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