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Salary Certificate Letter: Check the Format and Sample Letters

To carry out certain procedures and bank applications, you must have an employee salary certificate in the UAE. This document must contain all the data corresponding to the net salary, deductions, and other elements of the salary of the employee. In this way, the request for this document must be made to your employer indicating the purpose for which you require it.

In this article, we will show you what is salary certificate and why it is important that you obtain it. Likewise, we offer you a format that you can use to guide yourself and write the aforementioned document correctly. Let us see:

1. What is a salary certificate?

2. Why is it important to request salary certificate?

3. Elements of the salary certificate company

4. Salary certificate model

5. Other details of the employee salary certificate

6. What is a letter salary certificate?

7. Differences between the employee salary certificate, certificate letter, and payment receipt

8. How many times can you request a salary certificate for bank loan purpose?

9. Attestation of the salary certificate

10. We can help you with the company salary certificate

1. What is a salary certificate?

employee salary certificate

The employee salary certificate is proof of the right to employment and receipt of a salary provided by the company. Employees of companies in the UAE are required to receive a salary certificate in certain cases. This type of certificate is used by the worker for various procedures, such as loan or credit card applications, etc.

In many cases, the employer can include a letterhead salary slip on the certificate, as well as other items. Moreover, for it to be valid, it must contain the letterhead of the company and the signature of the authorized person. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of the country of the employee certify this document.

2. Why is it important to request salary certificate?

Financial institutions need proof that you can pay any monetary request. In this case, you can use a salary certificate format for bank loan; or apply for a credit card or another type of loan. Therefore, by presenting the said certificate, the bank will be able to evaluate your savings and monthly income.

In addition, you will demonstrate to the bank that you can repay the loan and that you also have economic stability. Therefore, through the certificate of employment with salary, the bank can allow you to carry out the following:

  • Carry out banking transactions
  • Apply for loans
  • Apply for a credit card
  • Tax payment

Therefore, it is important to have a company salary certificate if you plan to make any of these requests.

3. Elements of the salary certificate company

Companies should have an employee salary certificate format to meet the needs of workers. Also, the format may vary depending on the purpose of the request by the employee. In the same way, this type of certificate varies between banks, and you will even have to fill out the one issued by the bank.

However, in general, a salary certificate should include the following details:

  • The date it was issued
  • The personal information of the employee
  • Actual charge of the worker in the in the business
  • The date of entry of the worker into the company
  • gross and net salary
  • Allowances, allowances, and other benefits
  • Data of the person authorized by the company

However, it should be noted that there are others such as salary slip format in letterhead, which include similar information. There are also other types of documents that can serve you for other purposes.

4. Salary certificate model

Next, we show you how to make salary certificate in case an employee requests it in your company.

Salary certificate

The following certificate serves to prove that Mr. / Mrs. ______________________________ residing in ___________________________, Works permanently in ________________________ held the position of ___________________________________, receiving his corresponding salary together with deductions and benefits in the month of ______________________ (Month and year) as follows:

Net salary (in AED)
Basic payment  
medical bonus  
transport voucher  
Other benefits  
Gross salary (1)  
Deductions (2)  
Net salary (1-2) = AED _______________

Date: _____________________________________________

Date of entry into the company: ___________________________________________________

Actual charge: _____________________________________________

Retirement date: ______________________________________________

Salary certificate issued to: ______________________________________________

By: _____________________________________________

Signature and title of the authorized person: ____________________________________

Employee Signature: __________________________________________________

Place: Company seal:


As with the salary certificate letter format, you can modify it to add other details. Also, some banks have their formats so you will need to find this out before applying to the company.

5. Other details of the employee salary certificate

There are other details regarding the employee salary certificate that you should be aware of. These details are as follows:

  • Although we show you a format for the certificate, there is no single or legal model for that purpose. The most important thing is that the issuer must include the details that we have indicated previously.
  • Always try to get a salary certificate letter and not a simple salary letter, as you can use it for various purposes unlike the latter.
  • In cases such as credit card applications, a salary slip on letter head can be helpful. However, it is preferable to obtain the salary certificate letter.
  • To certify the certificate, you must go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if necessary.
  • A salary slip in letter head can also work for auto or home loans.

6. What is a letter salary certificate?

employee salary certificate

A sample of salary certificate letter is addressed directly to a particular financial institution or bank. In addition, it also indicates the specific reason why the letter was issued. Therefore, this letter can only be used for the specific reason and place for which the document was issued.

Therefore, if you want to use this document for other purposes or another institution, you will not be able to do so. In this regard, if you want to use proof of your salary for various reasons or in other places, it is better to use the employee salary certificate.

6.1 Purpose of the request for salary certificate letter

The letter format for salary certificate is sent by the company of the employee to the financial institution. This letter written by the employer will establish that the payroll of the worker will only credit to the bank. Likewise, said the letter will establish if the employer receives any benefits, both these and the salary, they will credit the bank.

In this case, this request can be made by the employee at the bank where he receives his salary from the company. However, the request for payslip letter is extremely important if you want to apply for a loan at a different bank. This is because no local bank accepts loan applications without this document.

Thus, even if you show a bank statement, you must show a document that shows your salary and the company where you receive it. Therefore, the salary letter is the document that will allow you to carry out this procedure.                                                                                                                                               

6.2 How to write a letter for salary certificate

Next, we offer you a pay slip letter format so that you can make the request correctly. In this case, we mention the most important details that it must contain, to which you can add the information you consider necessary.



Name of the bank

Bank address


(Body of the letter)

This format must also contain the data that is also included in the certificate example that we showed you in a previous example. However, it must contain the specific information of the bank or financial institution where the loan was requested. In addition, you must include the specific purpose for which you are applying, be it a loan or a credit card.

On the other hand, although this requirement is essential for the aforementioned requests, it will also request other documents that vary between banks. Thus, depending on the type of credit card or loan, the institution may request the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • A valid visa
  • The salary certificate or receipt of payment
  • Recent bank statements.

Therefore, when applying for these benefits at the bank, you must have not only the certificate but the aforementioned documents. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the requested loan even if you have proof that you can pay your credit

7. Differences between the employee salary certificate, certificate letter, and payment receipt

Each of the mentioned documents and the payment receipt has certain differences, although they appear similar. For example, the salary certificate letter has a section to indicate the institution to which you will apply. Therefore, as we have mentioned, you will not be able to use it for another purpose or in another institution.

On the other hand, the paystub indicates the salary and deductions received by the employee in a specific pay period. In this case, the document can come in different formats and can be both digital and physical paper. For its part, the employee salary certificate includes all the details of the salary received by the worker, including the net salary.

This last format is very similar to a salary slip letter and can be provided by the employer monthly.

8. How many times can you request a salary certificate for bank loan purpose?

In some countries, a worker can obtain this type of certificate once a year, for this or other purposes. However, you can receive this certificate from your employer every 3 months, that is, four times a year. However, in most cases, the issuance of a work certificate or even a letter depends on company policies.

Also, an employee may need a pay stub instead of a salary certificate. Therefore, the worker can receive this document many more times than a salary certificate.

9. Attestation of the salary certificate

To process various types of applications most UAE government institutions require the attestation of the employee salary certificate. In this case, you must carry out the attestation of the document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To do this, you must submit the following documents at the time of making the corresponding request:

  • The original salary certificate and a copy
  • Copy and original of the passport
  • Copy of 2 pages of the passport (first and last one)

In addition, the applicant must be in person at the time of making the request, so they cannot send another person. Likewise, you must make a prior consultation in case you need extra documents to be able to process the request. In the same way, you will have to pay some of the fees associated with the processing of the attestation.

10. We can help you with the company salary certificate

It is important to apply for the salary certificate or letter if you want to get any benefit from UAE financial institutions. These include applying for credit cards, home loans, car loans, and more. Remember that in the case of the salary certificate letter you can only use it for the reason and in the institutions declared in it.

Due to our experience, we can offer you all the help you need in the drafting and legalization of this type of certificate. In addition, we have other services that can be useful for you and your company, obtaining the best results. These services include:

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If you want help to request salary certificate or other matters, you can contact us. To do this, you can make a call to the telephone number +971 43 316 688 where you will be assisted by our professionals. In addition, you have at your disposal our email to make your inquiries and raise your doubts, [email protected].

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