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Our Turkey Employer Of Record Services

We’ll make the process of sponsoring your new employees in Turkey smoother, ensuring they have all the required paperwork to start working for your company right away.

Ensuring that benefits and compensation align with Turkey labor laws minimizes the potential for breaching employment agreements.

We handle tasks like calculating payroll, managing benefits, ensuring tax compliance, and following Turkey legal rules.

We’ll oversee salary calculations, and tax deductions, and ensure employees get paid on time, all while following Turkey rules.

We make sure employees and independent contractors are correctly classified, a key part of following Turkey rules.

Enhancing hiring, training, and keeping employees while following Turkey laws to make sure businesses support and develop their workforce effectively.

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Our Bahrain Employer Of Record Services

Visa Outsourcing

We will sponsor your new hires and obtain the necessary paperwork so they can begin working immediately for you.

Labour Law Compliance

Offering benefits and pay that are compliant with the law will help you reduce the risk of non-compliance with your employment contracts.

HR Services

We cover areas such as payroll processing, benefits administration, tax compliance, and legal regulations.

Payroll Outsourcing

We will manage payroll calculations, tax withholdings, and timely payment of salaries to employees, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local regulations.

Worker Classification

We ensure proper worker classification, distinguishing between employees and independent contractors, which is crucial for compliance.

Talent Management

optimizing recruitment, development, and retention processes while adhering to legal and regulatory obligations, ensuring that businesses effectively engage, and nurture.

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EOR Service Model

How Our Turkey EOR Service Model Works

Legal Partnership
Legal Partnership

As your Turkey Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, we team up with you to lawfully hire employees in Turkey or any other foreign location where your business operates.

Administrative Management
Administrative Management

We take care of work agreements, the process of welcoming new employees, payroll, perks, and make sure everything aligns with Turkey labor and tax rules.

Risk Mitigation

When you entrust us with legal and compliance duties, you lower the chances of breaking the rules in Turkey or any other place abroad.

Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency

We enable you to concentrate on your main business activities while we take care of the administrative challenges that come with hiring and supervising a global workforce in Turkey, offering continuous assistance throughout.

Benefits Of Turkey Employer Of Record

What are the benefits of
UAE Employer of Record?

Amoung others, we highlight

Compliance Assurance:We know Turkey’s labor laws well, helping our clients follow the rules for employment, contracts, and payroll to reduce legal and regulatory risks.

Quick Market Entry: Employer of Record (EOR) makes it easier to start doing business in Turkey without setting up your own company, speeding up operations and hiring.

Efficient Payroll and Benefits: EOR services manage payroll to make sure employees in Turkey get their salaries accurately and on time.

Reduced Administrative Burden: We take care of tasks like contracts, onboarding, and HR functions, so your team in Turkey can focus on other things.

Mitigated Risk: EOR makes sure you follow Turkey labor and tax rules, lowering the chances of fines and legal issues.

Cost Savings: EOR removes the requirement for legal setups, offices, and expenses tied to local establishment in Turkey.

Scalability: EOR helps you rapidly grow your operations and build your team in Turkey.


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