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Our Saudi Arabia Professional Employment Organization Services

Let us handle the visa process for your new hires, streamlining their onboarding and ensuring they have the necessary documentation for a smooth transition.

Stay on the right side of the law by providing compliant benefits and compensation packages, reducing the risk of breaching employment contracts.

Our suite of HR services covers payroll administration, benefits management, tax compliance, and legal adherence, ensuring your HR operations run seamlessly.

Count on us for precise payroll calculations, tax deductions, and punctual salary disbursements, all aligned with local regulations.

We ensure accurate worker classification, distinguishing between employees and independent contractors, a crucial step in maintaining legal compliance.

Elevate your talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies while upholding legal requirements, ensuring your business effectively nurtures its workforce.

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Our UAE Professional Employment Organization Services

Visa Outsourcing

We’ll sponsor your new recruits, securing the required documentation for their seamless onboarding and immediate productivity.

Labour Law Compliance

Providing legally compliant benefits and compensation will minimize the likelihood of violating employment agreements.

HR Services

Our services encompass payroll processing, benefits management, tax adherence, and legal compliance.

Payroll Outsourcing

We’ll oversee payroll computations, tax deductions, and punctual salary disbursements, guaranteeing precision and alignment with local rules.

Worker Classification

We make certain of accurate worker categorization, differentiating between employees and independent contractors, a pivotal step for ensuring compliance.

Talent Management

Enhancing recruitment, development, and retention strategies while upholding legal obligations ensures businesses adeptly engage and nurture their workforce.

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PEO Service Model

How Our KSA PEO Service Model Works

Engagement & Agreement
Engagement & Agreement

Your company establishes a formal partnership with a PEO in Saudi Arabia, solidifying a comprehensive agreement specifying the range of HR services provided, including payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Co-Employment Setup
Co-Employment Setup

Under the co-employment model, your current workforce and newly hired employees are jointly managed by both your organization and the PEO. While retaining control over day-to-day operations, the PEO assumes responsibility for HR-related tasks.

HR Management & Compliance
HR Management & Compliance

The PEO takes on various HR duties, encompassing payroll processing, tax compliance, benefits administration, and keeping abreast of labor laws. This proactive approach ensures legal compliance and optimizes workforce management.

Business Focus & Growth
Business Focus & Growth

With the PEO overseeing HR functions, your company can redirect its focus towards core operations, growth strategies, and strategic planning. Leveraging the PEO’s expertise alleviates administrative burdens, fostering the conditions for your business to flourish and expand.

Benefits Of Saudi Arabia Professional Employment Organization

What are the benefits of
UAE Employer of Record?

Amoung others, we highlight

Focus on Core Business: Outsourcing HR tasks to a PEO allows your business to concentrate on core activities, strategic planning, and revenue-generating initiatives.

Cost Savings: PEOs leverage economies of scale to negotiate better rates for benefits and insurance, potentially resulting in cost savings for your business.

Efficient Payroll Processing: PEOs handle payroll calculations, tax withholdings, and payment, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees.

Quick Market Entry: For businesses expanding internationally, PEOs facilitate rapid market entry by managing local employment requirements and compliance.

Employee Development: PEOs may offer training and development programs, contributing to the growth and skills enhancement of your workforce.

Access to Expertise: PEOs have professionals well-versed in HR, compliance, and employment regulations, ensuring your business is well-guided in these areas.

Flexibility: The PEO model allows you to maintain control over your employees while delegating HR tasks, providing a balanced approach.


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