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Gratuity calculator Qatar – Calculate Gratuity Online for 2023

If you have recently ended your employment, it would be good to have the gratuity calculator Qatar to know the amount you should receive. This way you can ensure that what you are receiving is what the law demands and you do not have to complaint. This is because the national authorities have established the rules for this payment for business and domestic employees.

In this article, we will show you in detail how to use the Qatar gratuity calculator simply. Besides, you will see the conditions under which you are entitled to receive the corresponding payment for your work. Let us see:

  1. What is the end of service gratuity Qatar?
  2. How to compute gratuity in Qatar on the website of the Ministry of Labor
  3. Dismissal of the employee without gratuity in Qatar
  4. How to calculate gratuity in Qatar if the worker dies
  5. Gratuity for domestic workers in Qatar
  6. We can provide you with more information about the Labor Law in Qatar

1. What is the end of service gratuity Qatar?

gratuity calculator Qatar The end-of-service gratuity is a sum of money paid by the employer to a departing worker at the business. Also, it mainly depends on the contract of the employee, as well as the years of service in the company. Therefore, with the gratuity calculator Qatar, you can know exactly how much an employee should receive.

1.1 The law about Gratuity in Qatar

Upon termination of a contract in Qatar, the worker may receive termination pay. Article 54 of the Labor Law, specifically Law № 14 of 2004, establishes the payment criteria. Thus, the gratuity consists of at least 3 weeks of the basic salary for each year of service.

Similarly, Article 81 says what happens if the employment ends and he/her has not received annual vacations. In this case, the worker must also receive a payment equal to the vacation days that he did not receive.

Also, as with end of service Qatar pay, the employee must pay for the return trip to the country of the employee. However, if the worker starts working at another company before leaving Qatar, the new employer will have to pay repatriation. Therefore, the current employer must take care of both the gratuity and other amounts owed under Qatari labor law.

In addition, if the worker only worked for a fraction of the year, this portion enters the gratuity calculator Qatar. Likewise, the authorities established the characteristics of continuous work for the calculation of gratuity. It is only considered so if the reasons for termination are not those specified in Article 61 of the law.

Also, the employee must have returned to the company within 2 months of the end of employment. Similarly, the Qatar gratuity calculator considers the last basic salary for the amount to be paid. Besides, the employer can deduct from the benefit any amount that the employee owes to the business.

1.2 Gratuity calculation in Qatar after 5 years

According to the same law, for the Gratuity calculator Qatar, the payment is settled between the worker and the employer. However, this payment cannot be less than 21 days of salary for each year of work, which differs from the former legislation. That stipulated 4 weeks of pay for between 5 and 10 years of service, and 5 weeks for more than 10 years.

2. How to compute gratuity in Qatar on the website of the Ministry of Labor

The website of the Ministry of Labor of Qatar allows workers to know what the total amount of their gratuity will be. To do this, you only have to enter your date of entry and exit, the basic monthly salary, and the days of pay per year. However, the service is only available in Arabic but we provide you with the steps on how to calculate end of service in Qatar:

  1. Enter the end of service calculator Qatar government website (
  2. You must write down your date of entry into the company.
  3. Then, in the next line, put the date of end of service.
  4. The next thing to do is enter the basic salary received.
  5. Enter the number of days of pay per year of work, for which you will need to refer to your employment contract.
  6. Finally, click Calculate.

This way, the authorities allow employees to know the right to pay and ensure transparency. Also, the authorities make sure that the companies can fulfill their duty regarding the related laws.

3. Dismissal of the employee without gratuity in Qatar

gratuity calculator Qatar The labor law in its article 61 establishes the situations in which an employer can dismiss an employee without this payment. In addition, the employer can terminate the contract without prior notice according to the aforementioned article in the following cases:

  • If the employee lies regarding his identity, nationality, documentation, or educational certificates.
  • For a gross economic loss of the company caused by an error committed by the employee. However, the employer must report the event to the corresponding department no later than the business day following knowledge of the error.
  • For non-compliance with worker and workplace safety regulations on various occasions despite warnings. In addition, the established rules must be in writing and posted in a visible place for general knowledge.
  • If a worker does not comply with the obligations established in his/her employment contract or the employment law. However, this must happen more than once after having received the proper warnings.
  • An employee is also not entitled to the benefit if he revealed secrets of the company for which he works.
  • If a worker is working under the influence of alcohol or any drug.
  • For assaulting the employer, manager, or superior in the workplace or for work reasons. Likewise, for aggression against his companions on several occasions despite the warnings received.
  • If the worker does not go to work without justification for 7 consecutive days or for 15 days intermittently in a year.
  • Because of a judicial sentence for crimes related to integrity and honesty.

4. How to calculate gratuity in Qatar if the worker dies

Under the Labor Law, the end of service Qatar also applies if the worker dies under any circumstances. Thus, article 55 states that the employer must deposit in the treasury of the corresponding court the legal amount that the worker should receive. In addition, you must deposit any other right to part of the gratuity in less than 15 days from the death.

Additionally, the employer must draw up a document containing the amount according to the gratuity calculator Qatar in full detail. In addition, the employer must deposit a copy of said act with the Department of Labor. In this way, the competent court will distribute the total amount among the heirs of the deceased worker according to Islamic Sharia.

You can also apply in this case the corresponding laws in the country of origin if you are a foreign worker. However, if 3 years elapse after the process without knowing who should receive the payment, the court will deliver them to the State Public Treasury.

5. Gratuity for domestic workers in Qatar

Law № 15 of 2017 for domestic workers establishes in Article 15 the calculation of this payment. Thus, the domestic employee has the right to receive the gratuity payment for the end of service along with other payments due. However, the employee must have at least one full year of service with the same employer to qualify for the benefit.

Likewise, the employee and employer must agree on the payment, which, must not be less than 3 weeks per year. Similarly, if the employee worked for a fraction of a year, this also falls under the Gratuity Calculator Qatar. That is, a proportional payment based on the years of service with the employer.

5.1 Termination of a domestic worker contract and gratuity

A domestic worker employer may terminate the contract without prior notice and without the right to end-of-service pay for the year of layoff. However, you can only do this if the employee does not fulfill the obligations established in the employment contract. Also, if the worker does not comply with articles 11 and 16 of the 2017 domestic workers law.

In the same way, the employee can terminate the contract according to Article 17 of the Domestic Workers Law. In this case, the employee can leave employment with a fixed-term contract before its termination. Likewise, you can do it without notifying the employer in permanent contracts and maintaining the right to end-of-service payment. The reasons would be the following:

  • Due to a breach by the employer of the obligations established in the employment contract or those of the corresponding Law.
  • If the employer or any representative executes an act of aggression against the worker or his relatives.
  • For fraudulent acts by the employer or a representative regarding the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • For serious dangers that may harm the health or safety of the worker with full knowledge of the employer and that he does not resolve it.
  • Through a final decision by the Labor Conflict Resolution Commission in favor of the worker.

6. We can provide you with more information about Labor Laws in Qatar

Through the gratuity calculator Qatar, employees who complete a contract in the country can find out what payment they should receive. In this way, they can ensure a fair end-of-service gratuity for employer legal compliance. We can not only offer you information on this labor issue and others in Qatar but in other countries such as:

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