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How to check your medical fitness report online in Dubai

There are many people who prefer the UAE due to its high quality of life. UAE visa applicants are required to obtain a medical fitness certificate as part of the application process.

Learn about what the medical fitness certificate consists of, how to request it, and what you need.

1. What is a medical fitness certificate?

medical fitness certificate

It is a document with legal validity where a medical professional makes a recognition in which he certifies that a person is in good health. This document is normally issued for work purposes, although depending on the immigration laws of each country it may also be required for other purposes.

However, in the case of the medical certificate in UAE, the doctor evaluates whether the patient can work in the job position for which he is applying.

Likewise, according to the immigration laws of the UAE, any foreigner who wishes to enter the country must demonstrate through a medical certificate that he is not a carrier of communicable diseases, such as HIV or tuberculosis.

Those who aspire to the following jobs must not be carriers of syphilis or hepatitis B:

  • Those who aspire to work in nurseries.
  • Domestic or home workers, such as domestic employees, nannies, drivers, gardeners, and the like.
  • Those jobs related to food handlers, jobs in restaurants and cafes.
  • Work in salons or beauty centers.
  • Those who aspire to work in health clubs.
  • Likewise, domestic workers must give a negative pregnancy test.

For its part, this varies depending on each emirate. For example, in Abu Dhabi the authorities screen foreigners to prevent the entry of people with tuberculosis by performing a chest X-ray, while in Dubai this requirement is not necessary.

In this sense, all foreigners residing in the country in the process of renewing their visas must undergo tuberculosis tests. Likewise, those who have scars or active tuberculosis or who have treatment-resistant tuberculosis will receive a conditional medical fitness certificate and a residence visa for one year. This visa is conditional since the foreign citizen must undergo the corresponding treatments in the UAE.

2. When to get a medical examination?

The medical fitness certificate is a necessary requirement to apply for a new residence or work visa for the UAE or for its renewal. Likewise, foreign residents under 18 years of age are exempt from the UAE medical certificate. Therefore, this is a mandatory requirement for the processing of the UAE work or residence visa, so if they are not met, this process cannot be completed successfully.

3. Where to get a medical fitness certificate?

In the UAE it will depend on the emirate that grants the visa since there are different health authorities in each of them.

Next, we will present which are the competent health authorities in each emirate to obtain the medical fitness certificate:

  • Abu Dhabi: Center for Disease Detection and Prevention, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).
  • Dubai: Medical Centers for Fitness, Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
  • Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain: Medical Recognition Centres, Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

All foreigners must apply for a visa at an immigration customer satisfaction center in order to undergo the medical aptitude test. In turn, you can get a SEHA medical result.

4. What are the necessary documents for a foreigner to undergo a medical fitness test?

Anyone who is going to undergo a medical fitness test must provide the following documents:

  • Simple copy of the country entry permit for new visa cases.
  • Simple copy of the UAE residence visa for visa renewal cases.
  • Valid Original Passport.
  • Original Emirates identity document for visa renewal cases.
  • Visible and clear photography.
  • Provide a cell phone number and an email.

5. The process to obtain a medical fitness certificate in Abu Dhabi

medical fitness certificate

The SEHA which is the health authority of Abu Dhabi has an application called: “SEHA Visa Screening” to make it easier for applicants for these medical examinations to get a reservation at any of the 12 Centers for Disease Detection and Prevention in Abu Dhabi. In this sense, this is the procedure to obtain an appointment through this application:

  • Download the application on the cell phone.
  • Log in to the application and register with the email address, UAE ID, and mobile phone number, with a username and password.
  • After that, the user will receive a provisional password via email and text message that can be used only once.
  • Enter both received passwords.
  • Subsequently, the user must upload a copy of their current passport and visa to the platform.
  • Once the registration process is completed, the user will be able to log in with the username and password provided by the user.
  • Click on: “Request an appointment”.
  • Select the emirate.
  • Select the health center that the user wants.
  • Enter the UAE identification number.
  • Select the date and time for the appointment in the available times.
  • Upon successful completion of the appointment reservation, the user will receive confirmation of the application via text message.

Therefore, the applicant must have a PCR test within 15 days of their appointment if they are vaccinated, which includes having received the booster dose, and within two days of the appointment if they are not vaccinated or do not have the booster dose.

On the other hand, the user may have the option of requesting the Tamm medical result as a medical report in Abu Dhabi, although you also have to be careful with a fake medical certificate with stamp

6. Process to obtain a Medical Fitness Certificate in Dubai

The steps to obtain the medical fitness certificate in the UAE vary depending on each emirate. Next, we will present the steps to follow to obtain the medical fitness certificate in Dubai.

Step 1: Complete the corresponding application form

In Dubai, the applicant will first need to visit a medical typing center approved by the competent health authority in the emirate to complete the application form. In this sense, the user can find a medical center approved by the Dubai health authority by following these steps:

  • Enter the website: “”.
  • Click on the “DHA Installations” option and later on “Medical Fitness and Occupational Health Screening”.
  • Click now on: “DHA Approved Medical Fitness Typing Centres”. In order to find the health center of the user’s preference.
  • Subsequently, the user needs to visit the typing center with the documents to fill out the application form.

Likewise, the user can obtain the DHA medical report.

Step 2: Payment

Once the user has completed the application form, he must pay the cost of the medical aptitude test. In the event that the user wishes to obtain the results of this test earlier, they can pay for the premium service.

For its part, this service costs Dh250, which is equivalent to approximately $70. The medical fitness test for domestic employees costs Dh300, which is equivalent to about $80.

Step 3: Take the medical fitness test

The next step after completing the application form is to choose the health center where the user will undergo these medical tests. In this sense, the same web page will indicate which centers the applicant can go to.

Likewise, the user must take into account that at the time of undergoing these medical tests they must have the following documents:

  • Completed application form.
  • Original valid passport or a simple legible copy of the valid passport or original ID.
  • Simple copy of the residence permit.
  • Cell phone number and personal email.
  • Visible photograph of the user.
  • If the applicant has had a change of status on their visa, they must show the change of status document.

On the other hand, the delivery of the results of the medical examinations will last 24 hours, unless the user has paid for the premium service. In this case, the results will take a few hours to be delivered.

However, by order of the Dubai Health Authority, the DHA, if the user does not receive the medical fitness certificate within five working days, the user must visit the health center again.

Likewise, in addition to the medical fitness certificate, it is also mandatory to present the hepatitis B vaccination certificate for the following jobs:

  • Babysitters.
  • Housemaids and the like.
  • Nursery and kindergarten supervisors.
  • Workers in hairdressers, beauty salons, and health centers.
  • Those who work in the body of authority for food handling, processing, and control.
  • Cafe and restaurant workers.

On other hand, the application of this vaccine has a cost of Dh40, equivalent to $10.

7. How to obtain a Medical Fitness Certificate in the other emirates?

For visas in Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm Al Quwain, the applicant must attend a MOHAP medical examination center. This is the link to enter the website and request the corresponding appointment. “”

Likewise, the applicant must bring the following documents with them when taking the medical fitness test.

  • Simple copy of the current passport.
  • Valid residence permit or simple photocopy of the UAE visa.
  • Only for the cases of renewal of UAE visas, the applicant must present a simple photocopy of the UAE ID.

However, the applicant fills out the application form and pays for this service at the health center. On the other hand, the results of the tests will be delivered 48 hours after they are carried out.

Now, next, we will present the costs of the different medical tests:

  • All categories except domestic workers and hepatitis B vaccination: Dh310 or approximately $70.
  • All categories plus vaccination against hepatitis B: Dh310 or approximately $85.
  • Female domestic service: Dh360, which is equivalent to approximately $98.

Once the applicant receives a medical fitness certificate and is shown to be completely healthy for the job, they can continue with the UAE visa application process. Otherwise, he can request a medical certificate for sick leave through medical leave in UAE. This is a UAE Labor Law sick leave medical certificate.

8. How can we help you to obtain the medical fitness certificate?

The medical fitness certificate is a necessary document for the processing of the work or residence visa in the UAE. If you are a person who just wants to enter the country or you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand into new markets, there is no doubt that you should seek the services of a company with years of experience such as PEO Middle East.

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