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Payroll outsourcing companies in UAE

Payroll processing of any company entails difficulties due to the amount of data handled by the business. Therefore, outsourcing is the ideal tool for any organization that has certain difficulties with this procedure. Finding the best company is something you should consider to get the benefits your business organization needs.

In this article, you will find what you need to know regarding payroll outsourcing, first of all, what it means. You will also learn about the benefits you will get by outsourcing a company to do the process for you. Let us see:

  1. Defining what is payroll outsourcing
  2. What activities do payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai carry out?
  3. Are there any benefits of hiring a payroll outsourcing company?
  4. What is the cost of outsourcing payroll?
  5. How can we help you with payroll outsourcing in UAE?

1. Defining what is payroll outsourcing


The payroll outsourcing service allows any company to save money and time in this process. In this regard, an organization that performs this work carries out all these procedures for you. In this way, you can reduce the need for an internal team to do all this work.

Likewise, you can request a few services or the full range of them from a payroll outsourcing company. Therefore, you can have a complete service or your company manages some of them and the other organization does the other tasks.

2. What activities do payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai carry out?

Payroll management is a complex process that is a significant time expense for any business in the UAE. Therefore, payroll outsourcers, such as Professional Employment Organizations, offer complete services according to the specific needs of a business. Among the payroll outsourcing services offered by these companies are:

  • Calculation of wages and salaries of your employees.
  • They make the payment checks, as well as their delivery.
  • Direct payment to workers in their bank accounts.
  • They make the corresponding withholdings.
  • They send bank and payment processing files.
  • Generates the necessary reports so that the process is transparent.

Likewise, expert payroll companies can maintain specialized software with the corresponding security measures. Similarly, a company of payroll outsourcing in Dubai allows you to comply with UAE laws.

3. Are there any benefits of hiring a payroll outsourcing company?


Payroll outsourcing companies allow you to obtain a variety ofbenefits for your company in this process. Among the benefits you can get are :

3.1 Time-saving

No matter how many employees your business has, processing payments take time and attention to detail. This often results in losing valuable time that could be spent on more important business matters. Thus, for you to have time to focus on what matters most, you should outsource your payroll.

This is also because, within the subcontracting, you can order other related tasks, so that you can release them. Commonly time-consuming tasks in payroll processing include:

  • The calculation of the payroll in each cycle implies the processing of each element periodically. For example, you should be dedicated to calculating the hours worked by each employee to total the corresponding payments. Also, the benefits, deductions, and other related aspects, further complicate the processing.
  • The management of the documents, as well as the payment verification of each employee, is also an ongoing process. Each employee needs to have a detailed record of salary and deductions if they apply.
  • In addition, you must have a complete record of every detail of the payment made for verification purposes. Likewise, this can be used for any final report of the fiscal year, to make projections or other important aspects.

Therefore, Employers of Record that outsource payroll ensure that you do not have to deal with all these processes.

3.2 Reduce common payroll errors

Another advantage of payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai is that they help reduce the mistakes commonly made. These errors can cause frustration in those in charge of carrying out the entire process. They can also be expensive for both employers and employees of the business.

For employees, there may be errors in the deductions they are required to take, causing payment errors. Likewise, due to the number of calculations of hours worked, it is easy for there to be inconsistencies and problems with payments. This is also frustrating for employees who expect their payments to arrive on time and correctly.

Therefore, all these problems create uncomfortable situations between the workers and the employer. Additionally, they can lead the company to incur fines or different sanctions for erroneous calculations and presentations. Thus, to reduce the chances of mistakes, payroll outsourcing in UAE is the best step you can take.

3.3 All payroll data will be secure

Due to a large amount of data and everything it represents, managing payroll carries some risk. For example, the dangers can range from identity theft to embezzlement, or tampering. This is even more common today, as digital systems are vulnerable if they are not properly safeguarded.

Therefore, a reliable payroll outsourcing service can allow you to have your data stored safely. Also, many of these companies guarantee the confidentiality of your business data. Likewise, payroll outsourcing companies offer backup andmultiple server locations.

Also, the payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai have quality software to manage it safely. This way, you can be calm about the security of all the information of your business.

3.4 Compliance with trade and labor laws in the UAE

As a business owner, you need to have the peace of mind of complying with all the legal matters of the country where you are. You simply want to dedicate yourself to creating strategies for growing your business and staying among the best. This is ideal for both large companies, as well as for those medium or small, they all want peace of mind in this regard.

For example, keeping track of all the legal payroll details is exhausting. Also, understanding all payroll deductions and specific taxes requires careful attention. As well as, regarding social security programs or other benefits offered by the company.

All of this is heavy lifting that involves long and arduous hours of work to get it right. Payroll outsourcing services simplify all these processes and help you to have an optimal record following the law. Thus, you can feel more secure, knowing that your business is complying with all legal aspects.

When processing payroll, you must consider that the regulations are constantly changing since they want to perfect them.For this reason, it is common to see companies that do not attend to these changes, as it is difficult for them to follow them. However, payroll outsourcing companies in UAE, by offering this service, must keep up to date.

Therefore, they know all the regulations related to labor laws in the Emirates, taxes, etc. For example, they are aware of changes in the worker protection system (or WPS), among other labor aspects.

3.5 Gain experience managing and processing payroll

The professionals who offer payroll outsourcing in UAE know how to manage it to the fullest extent. Therefore, they are specialists in the processes and all the details that make this procedure very complex. Likewise, as you could see in the previous point, they are dedicated to knowing and updating their knowledge of regulations and laws.

Therefore, they can provide you with the payroll outsourcing service your business needs to keep your business running. These companies provide their experience in important aspects of the business such as:

  • Knowledge of laws and regulations regarding company payroll.
  • Understanding and managing the legal deductions in the salary of an employee.
  • Updating all the forms that your company needs.
  • Accuracy in adjusting accurate tax deductions.
  • Manage the types of employee retentions.
  • Submit all necessary records and documents to local and national authorities.
  • Calculation and presentation of taxes in the established periods.
  • Management of social security payments and other benefits that the company may offer.
  • Monitor the rules so that an employee can obtain benefits, as well as their registration.
  • Be attentive to the guidelines dictated by the laws and adjust what is necessary for the payroll to comply with them.
  • Finally, they are capable of checking the accuracy of the data obtained, locating faults, and correcting them so that there are no problems.

3.6 Integration of the payroll process and the benefits of the workers

The companies must deduct the contributions of the employees for the benefits that this can grant them in different ways. Due to the different plans a company offers, contributions can further complicate processing. This is because the benefits may vary in the respective amounts of each one.

In addition, such contributions depend in many cases on the status of the employee, as well as their salary level. This advantage is also important due to the variety of benefits that an employee of your organization can receive, for example:

  • Employee healthcare.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Contributions for retirement plans.
  • Life insurance, among others.

All these imply the handling of different figures for both parties and thus guarantee their validity. Also, with payroll outsourcing in Dubai, you can be sure that the correct amounts will be sent to the correct companies. Equally,your deductions will be under regulations and will reach your destination on time.

Also, payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai guarantee you to have a good benefits platform integrated into your business. In this way, you can carry out the necessary procedures regarding the incorporation and dismissal of employees in a simple way.

3.7 Employee self-service

In many cases, one of the elements for the success of a company is to offer a good self-service system for its employees. A payroll outsourcing company offers integrated platforms, these also go a long way in this regard. Your business can save costs and time by enabling your employees to self-service to:

  • Request time off.
  • Print the tax documents you need.
  • Shift change request.
  • Complete paperwork.
  • Preview their payment information.
  • Access to your payment receipts, among other aspects.

With payroll outsourcing in Dubai, you can get the technology to handle all of this from any digital device.

4. What is the payroll outsourcing cost?

The payroll outsourcing cost depends on several factors among which is the frequency of processing. Also, you may find significant variations as you add more services to your payroll processing, depending on the packages the company offers. Of course, if you outsource the entire service the cost will be higher.

Also, rates may vary with each payroll outsourcing service your business needs. Therefore, it is important to know the services to find the one that offers the best cost-service ratio for your company. Also, look carefully to see what you need, so you do not pay for what you do not need.

5. How can we help you with payroll outsourcing in UAE?

It is easy to know that all the payroll processing of a company is not something simple and quick to do. However, the experts in this process will help you reduce costs and time in this part of your business. The important thing is to find a company that can provide you with everything you need to have a safe and efficient process.

On PEO Middle East we have all the professionalism and experience to achieve everything you need for this very important process. Likewise, you can obtain our employee recruiting benefits to have the best work team. In addition, we have what it takes to complete all immigration procedures for your employees.

Do you want to know everything about how payroll outsourcing companies in UAE work? Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] to find the answers you need. You can also contact us directly at the phone number +971 43 316 688 where one of our agents will gladly answer your doubts.

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