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      What we do – Professional Employer Organization

      A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides Human Resources management services and administrative assistance. In short, it acts as an employee of a workforce on behalf of the company that has hired it.

      The services offered by a PEO can vary, but typically include payroll, recruiting, hiring, benefits administration, and human resource solutions. Certainly significant in both the time and investment required for an organization to function successfully.

      • Administration of payroll
      • Essential taxes (Payroll taxes, for example) and tax compliance
      • Administration of employee benefits (for example, health insurance, compensation, pension plans)
      • Human resource management (HR)
      • It is also common for PEO agreements to cover related services such as recruiting and contracting.

      How is a PEO different from co-employment?

      The term ‘co-employment’ is frequently used when speaking of a Professional Employment Organization. However, it is more accurate to refer to co-employment as a specific form of PEO offered in some countries. So what is co-employment?

      Co-employment refers to two different companies (one of which is usually a PEO) that have the rights and obligations of an employer. One of the companies is the ‘operating employer’ and takes care of the day-to-day running of the employees.

      The other company is the ‘administrative employer’ and is responsible for payroll processes, benefits administration, and related functions.

      In the case of co-employment, as there are two companies with rights and obligations over an employee, a tripartite agreement is usually established in which the three parties agree on their rights and obligations.

      The structure of the PEO service is very simple. There are usually only three parties:

      • The client company: a company abroad that wants to hire a worker. In cases where the company does not know a trusted PEO provider, it turns to a global/GEO PEO company that is responsible for establishing contact with the local provider. The client company will be responsible for providing details of the worker’s profile and their activities so that the local supplier can advise the client regarding the type of possible contract.
      • The PEO company: as we mentioned before, this company will be in charge of working on an employment contract that adjusts to the needs of the client and the employee. Other tasks carried out by the PEO are the calculation and payment of payroll, processing of expense reports, operational procedures that the employee needs to carry out their activities in the country (contracting services, travel, etc.).
      • The employee: this will be in permanent contact with the client company to coordinate their daily activities. The relationship with the PEO company will be only for necessary operational procedures and labor issues.

      According to NAPEO, small businesses that use a PEO “grow 7% to 9% faster, have 10% to 14% lower employee turnover, and are 50% less likely to fail.” In addition, a PEO provides cost savings of up to 27.3%.

      The PEO service is the simplest solution for foreign companies taking their first steps toward expansion in the Middle East. These services allow the company to assemble a small team of workers (in many cases it is only 1 employee) in the destination market and, at the same time, comply with all the legal regulations that regulate employment in the country. In this way, the company can easily focus on its daily operations and free itself from the administrative, accounting, and legal complexities that personnel management requires.

      Time and money

      The first and most important advantage of using a PEO or an Employer Registration Service provider is that they can save you huge amounts of time and money. Especially if you are a small or medium business, or just looking to hire a few staff members to carry out more specific tasks abroad, the cost and time of forming a legal entity in The Middle East can be quite a bit problematic.

      Localized support

      Another important problem that can have solution by using the services of a PEO is to navigate and overcome the various niches that are present in each country when it comes to hiring employees. Each country will have different employee benefits that need to be paid for; A PEO will ensure that you meet local legal requirements and reduce mitigation risk.

      More time to get the job done

      One of the most tangible benefits you will experience from using a PEO service provider is the freedom you will have to directly manage your employees working abroad. With much of the administrative burden taken on by the PEO, you will be able to focus your time and effort on working directly with employees.

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