Professional PRO and corporate services: Their importance for businesses

The service of a professional PRO will help you achieve your goals in establishing your business in the UAE. With the experience they have, they facilitate legal procedures that include the processing of business licenses and visas. This way, you ensure compliance with all government laws, while you focus on growing your business.

In this article, you can see the work that these specialists do, as well as the benefits that you will be able to obtain. Additionally, since you need the best service, you will be able to see what characteristics you should look for when hiring them. Let us see:

  1. What is a professional PRO?
  2. What services do they offer?
  3. Why does your business need a Professional PRO and corporate services?
  4. How to select the best PRO and corporate professional services?
  5. How can we help your business find the best professional PRO?

1. What is a professional PRO?

Professional PRO

Professional PROs are experts in the administrative policies, regulations, and laws outlined by the UAE government. These government liaison employees are generally known as PROs or public relations officers.

Also, due to continuous dealings with government authorities, they have developed an excellent relationship with government officials. Therefore, they are available to do their work very quickly and efficiently. Thus, when you start your business in the UAE, hiring them is a wise decision, as well as a profitable one.

These can help you because of the experience and relationship they have with the Ministry of Economy, Immigration, and Labor. They will also ensure that you met the business requirements without any hassle. On the other hand, PROs are skilled independent workers and do not demand the participation of the business owner. In this way, you will have the opportunity to invest time in other aspects of the business.

2. What services do they offer?

In the UAE, it is important to acquire a business license as it is the document you need to start any company. Hence, if you are a new entrepreneur in the UAE, you will find the process of obtaining a license to be complicated. However, this is where you require a PRO, as they have the required knowledge regarding how to set up businesses.

Also, they will act as a link between the government of the Emirates and your company. In this sense, they will help you to guarantee that you submit all the documents required for the issuance of your business license. In addition, PROs ensure the smooth processing and issuance of these at the Department of Economic Development and the government agency.

Therefore, you can focus on running your business instead of spending time and money trying to get things done. A professional PRO in the UAE, offer their corporate services to entrepreneurs who come from other countries.

2.1 Services offered by a PRO service company

The corporate services of a professional PRO do not only help to register start-ups and SMEs in Dubai. Also, they are useful for organizations that have had an established presence in the UAE for a few years. This is because government processes do not end with obtaining a business license.

In addition to the above, a business needs to hire employees, some renovations, and other administrative issues. All of these are important to expanding and sustaining a business in the United Arab Emirates. Thus, an established company can obtain PRO corporate services, which include:

  1. Immigration procedures, including work permits and issuance of visas.
  2. Execution of employment contracts and work visa quotas.
  3. The renewal, as well as the cancellation of the business license.
  4. The declaration of documents.

2.2 Stages of the business where PRO assistance is required

A professional PRO is not only required for visa and immigration-related paperwork. In addition, that PRO visa corporate services are highly requested, there are different stages of the business where they are also essential. For example, they are involved in the following processes until their completion.

2.2.1 Department of Economic Development (DED)

This department is where the issuance of a license takes place, so a PRO will help you:

  1. Make the reservation of the commercial name.
  2. The initial approval of the license.
  3. The signature of the MOA.
  4. Finally, the delivery of documents.

If your business is already established, they will help you do the following:

  1. Modification of the commercial license.
  2. Change of business name.
  3. Change in commercial activities, as established.
  4. Any modification that has to do with the partners or managers of the company.

2.2.2 Immigration services

The next step after you obtain your business license is to acquire your investor visa. These professionals will help you in the following procedures:

  1. Make the visa application.
  2. Carry out the respective medical and identification requests.
  3. Collection of biometric data.
  4. Process your UAE identification card.
  5. The visa stamp in your passport.

Also, these professionals will assist you in the following procedures that your company may require:

  1. Request the establishment card of your company.
  2. Issuance of the required electronic signature.
  3. Any change in the establishment card.
  4. Register it in the Emiratization system.
  5. UAE ID renewal.

2.2.3 Workforce

The corporate services of a PRO do not stop there; they also help you with your workforce paperwork. For example, one of the things you must have to recruit contractor workers is the labor establishment card. It also allows your employees to obtain work permits and a worker visa.

PRO professionals will help you in the processing and achievement of the following documents:

  1. Application and sealing of visas for your employees.
  2. Process identity documents from the UAE.
  3. Carrying out medical tests on your employees.
  4. Collect biometric data from workers.

Also, the PROs offer employment services that include:

  1. Renewal of work permits.
  2. All aspects related to employment contracts.

3. Why does your business need a professional PRO and corporate services?

Professional PRO

Hiring the corporate services of these professionals will allow you to obtain substantial benefits for your business. This is thanks to the extensive experience they have in all the services that your company needs to grow and maintain itself. Some of the advantages are:

3.1 You will save money and time

The services of a professional PRO help your company save on the costs of building an internal team. Related fees represent only a portion of what it will cost you to find, interview, hire and train an entire team. Also, constant communication will help you verify that your time is being used efficiently.

3.2 You will gain legal experience

It is important for any business in the UAE to comply with the labor and business laws of the nation. All of this paperwork, including collecting, managing, and organizing it, can be overwhelming. However, a PRO will help you stay in good standing with all the proper paperwork and legal requirements.

3.3 You will have clarity in all processes

One of the characteristics of a professional PRO is that they carry out all the necessary procedures precisely.For example,they perform a backup of all the requested documentation to maintain the level of transparency.

3.4 It will improve your brand image

A PRO service helps you improve the image and reputation of your business, thanks to its expertise. This is due to the progress of the general operation of your company.

3.5 You will be able to focus on your main activity

By delegating all the processes mentioned above to a professional PRO, you can get busy expanding your business.

4. How to select the best PRO and corporate professional services?

As in all the contracts you make for your company, requesting the corporate services of a PRO requires thoroughness. However, obtaining the best of these professionals is not the same as other contracts, for all that it represents. Several aspects related to the characteristics of the professional must be taken into account.

Among the particularities that you must consider at the time of hiring are:

4.1 What is the scope of the benefits obtained?

This is one of the first criteria to take into account, in this case, you must know all the services you will have. In addition, it must be completely detailed so that there are no misunderstandings. For example, the PRO must specify precisely what the procedures are and their cost.

4.2 How is the reputation of the company you want to hire?

At this point, inquire about how the organization has performed in previous jobs. Knowing the general reputation of a professional PRO will allow you to know if the work you have delegated will be in good hands. It is important to know the references of the companies that have worked with that promoter. Therefore, the credulity of the organization must be sustained by satisfied customers.

4.3 Can you afford the services of a professional?

It is not about hiring whoever offers the lowest cost but combining it with good service. So, there must be a balance between this and the previous point. While it may not be the cheapest, the quality will be worth the investment.

4.4 Do you have enough experience?

Another thing you should do is find out about the experience these professionals have. Before hiring, verify that the team that will work with your company has the appropriate experience and qualifications. For example, make sure you have legal experience and full knowledge of the laws in the UAE.

4.5 Local presence

It is important that whoever provides the service you need has a local presence where you want to settle. This way you ensure that this provider can help you understand the precise location of your business.

4.6 Do you have the necessary permits?

If an organization wishes to provide you with a local service, it must have a legal presence as well. Therefore, you must ensure that the professional PRO service has a valid presence against the DED.

4.7 What type of communication does it offer?

In a joint working relationship, there must be a level of communication so that the work is more effective. You should consider hiring a professional PRO that allows you to have good and constant communication. This is because feedback lets the professional know if you have any questions or concerns. In the same way, you will be able to know how the processes that you have delegated to the service provider are progressing.

4.8 Can you handle the magnitude of the work?

You may have a small business and the work may not be that extensive, however, you still need to assess the capabilities of the professional you wish to hire. This is even more important when your company is larger, due to the workload it represents. Therefore, the PRO team must have enough capacity to handle all the tasks.

5. How can we help your business find the best professional PRO?

Corporate services offered by a PRO will help your company settle in the United Arab Emirates. The benefits that you will be able to obtain will help your business expand and improve in many aspects. However, these benefits will depend on hiring the right professional for your needs.

As an organization specializing in business matters, we offer you all the PEO services you may need. In addition, we have the best Employer of Record services in the Middle East.

In the same way, we have all the services you need for the recruitment of remote workers in any of the Emirates.

Would you like more information about the services of a professional PRO in the UAE? You can contact us through the number +971 43 316 688. Also, if you have any other questions, write to us at [email protected].

Additionally, you can send your CV to [email protected] if you wish to join our workgroup. Go to and find many more employment opportunities.

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