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Save time, money, and effort

The best part of using our services is that you do not need to worry about spending extra money, time, or effort. As a matter of fact, we will take care of all the hard work while you spend these elements on more important matters. Besides, you can get better results by letting us take care of the hiring process.

Get access to the best professionals

Apart from hiring remote workers, we will only focus on hiring the most outstanding and skilled professionals for you. As a result, you can get access to countless professionals from all around the world to benefit your business. And also, this can increase the possibilities of expanding your business in less time.

Adapt your business to this new modality

For many businesses, working with remote professionals is a new working modality that they are not used to. And if that is your case, we can help you adapt to this modality and improve your company exponentially. Besides, it can also help you make your business more efficient and get a better image or reputation. it's Always Better to work with Hire remote worker as different Worker have unique Quality of wokring.

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    What we do – Hire Remote Workers

    The traditional work model in which the worker goes to the office to carry out their daily tasks during established working hours is becoming more and more limiting, due to which it has evolved to bring jobs that provide more flexibility. and emotional well-being while remaining part of a disciplined work environment.

    If your commerce has recently started working distantly, you are not alone. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has finally made organizations realize the benefits of remote work and many that were previously office-based have become remote forever. As a result, in 2021, 16% of the world’s businesses are now remote.

    As you begin to establish a remote workforce for your company, you will likely find yourself with applicants who are based in other countries. In this case, you will not have to worry about taking care of work permits, as internationally based employees will not need to relocate for work.

    Remote work in PEO Middle East

    Remote work consists of carrying out a professional activity remotely. An employee-employer relationship and the same responsibilities that would be obtained in an office job are maintained. In the same way, remote employees usually comply with a work schedule just as they would in any other job.

    It should be noted that this type of work is not only for those professionals who carry out activities related to the Internet, it has been extrapolated to almost any position.

    There is a small gap that separates remote work from working as a freelancer.

    In the case of freelancers, they typically work on assignments and their duration is frequently very short. In addition, a freelancer does not have direct contact with companies, their values, ​​and their culture. It is a person who performs a specific job to deliver it on a previously defined date.

    While remote workers, as we have seen before, do immerse themselves in the company culture until they become part of it since they play a specific role and spend more time in contact with the organization.

    Why you should choose PEO Middle East?

    • You can do your job wherever you are, whenever you want

    This is the main advantage that we will always hear when it comes to remote work because it is not necessary to go to an office, work activities can be carried out from home, a cafe or from wherever your favorite place is and where you feel comfortable. You can concentrate better.

    Some remote workers even go to co-working spaces or anywhere they have internet access.

    • Employees gain more time for themselves

    As it is a remote job, the collaborators of the companies will be able to manage their time by themselves. This means that they will achieve greater autonomy and create a balance between their professional and personal life.

    • Companies manage to reduce costs

    When most or all of a company’s collaborators work remotely, it is not necessary to have infrastructures and large facilities.

    Important to take into account when working remotely

    • Concentration

    Just like those who work in an office, remote workers also have trouble concentrating on their tasks. These may be even more likely to be distracted by simply being home and not having adequate space for work.

    Similarly, other aspects that affect daily work, such as attending to domestic activities, can obstruct.

    • Understand how to separate professional life from private life

    This is usually a big problem for remote workers to overcome because if the right rules are not established, work and life without a work environment can get mixed up with the day-to-day. Without knowing how to differentiate when it is time to attend to household obligations and when to dedicate time to work.

    At this point, it is important to define a work schedule and do everything possible to comply with it. Likewise, it is necessary for everyone around us to understand that even though we are in different workplaces, we continue to play an important role and have a work obligation.

    In addition, in the case of working at home, it is necessary to adapt a place to turn it into a “personal office” that differs from the rest. It is important to take care of lighting and comfort aspects.

    • Feeling of isolation

    Sometimes remote work can bring with it a feeling of isolation and loneliness. This is because not being physically with other co-workers does not develop a sense of belonging.

    If companies do not take the necessary steps to address this issue, many people may lose their way and lose the motivation to continue working as remote employees.

    How to effectively Hire Remote Workers from all around the world with PEO Middle East

    Many employers are facing a hiring season in a world where stay-at-home calls are still in place. That is, they will be forced to replace or incorporate long-term team members remotely. Hiring remote workers brings its own challenges, however, there are many ways to find and hire the best team members for the company.

    It is time to discuss how to use some of their strategies to find professionals who will drive your team’s goals for the rest of this year and beyond.

    Hiring remote workers is not just a way for companies to adapt. Obviously, candidates may feel uncomfortable in a virtual job interview, but hiring remote employees is good for both companies and job seekers.

    Here are just a few of the ways companies benefit when hiring remote employees with PEO Middle East:

    • Virtual hiring facilitates the search for the best professionals. Anyone with Internet access becomes a potential candidate. This is especially helpful if you want to find a professional from a specific location who lives in a different city or country and can speak to the needs of that audience in an informed manner.
    • The remote hiring process is most effective for those who think long term. If you want the next signings in your team to stay with the team for more than a year or two, remote hiring offers at least one important advantage: not having to travel. Daily commuting is an important factor in employee job satisfaction. More than half of all employees say they would change jobs if they could find a similar position with a better transportation connection.

    How to hire remote workers efficiently with PEO Middle East

    Just like hiring in person, conducting virtual job interviews should be efficient and relatively comfortable for all parties. When it comes to hiring remote employees, there is no need to complicate things. Being strategic and respectful can go a long way. Follow these steps if you want to make smart virtual hiring decisions.

    • Have a clear idea of ​​who and what you need for this position. Review similar job listings from other companies in your industry to find details you might not have thought to include before, like experience with certain tools or websites. This is a great way to narrow your talent pool and speed up the remote hiring process.
    • Look for professionals in the right places.
    • Check business credentials and endorsements. Do a keyword search for any of the top five business associations on your resume. Review hard data like proven growth by percentage from campaigns they have personally run.
    • Define your strategy for remote interviews. Make a list of questions that encompass their personality, background, and skills. When hiring remote workers, it is also good to consider whether they are in the same or a similar time zone as your target audience. This is especially important if you anticipate running a lot of social media events where active community management and hosting are required.
    • Respect their time. Some of the most common problems job applicants run into in virtual interviews include interviewers being late for their meetings, excessively inconvenient meeting times, and employers expecting the applicant to lead the conversation. There are ways to help candidates mitigate this type of stress and do their best work. In practice, this means getting into the interview room five minutes early. Also, choosing meeting times that are most convenient for the candidate, and having a meeting schedule ready to go.

    Our ways to conduct interviews for remote teams

    In addition to a great internet connection and a video chat platform with high-level security, here is what you will need if you want to learn how to hire remote employees effectively:

    • See how excited they are about the position. Pay attention to what they are passionate about and see if those passions overlap with your team’s top priorities for the year.
    • Ask about their experience in previous similar positions listed on their resume. Find out what they learned from those experiences. It will give you a better idea of ​​how they will deal with successes and failures in your company.
    • Get their point of view on business in 2020 and beyond. It is an exciting time to be a remote professional due to the global pandemic and new emerging business practices. Now many brands are making efforts to refocus and better respond to their audiences. Therefore, it is good to know where your potential candidate stands on these issues; that will probably influence the way we think and relate to each other in the near future.

    Team of remote workers: a growing trend

    Although companies that hire “traditional” workers continue to lead, the percentage of companies that have experimented with “remote” workers have been increasing in the last five years.

    This occurs within the framework of a global trend that indicates that by 2025 the average number of remote workers will be greater than that of an office job.

    Although it is an important change, to which many companies are not yet encouraged, remote work is adopted as a philosophy by more and more employers.

    With so much attention being garnered by remote job postings, it is difficult to review all applications and give each candidate the attention they deserve. This is where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help. An ATS makes it easy to organize and search through applications, as well as contact candidates.

    Another attractive option is to outsource the recruitment process to a company dedicated to this service. Their expertise provides you with the best candidates according to the job applications available and filtered. This alternative also helps you save time and resources that you can spend on other company actions.

    Benefits of the remote modality

    Fortunately, companies that have already started hiring remote work teams have seen ample evidence that it is a positive change.

    First of all, they have seen their employees’ productivity levels increase. Simply because they have access to more qualified workers, chosen from candidates from all over the world. In turn, those who have already adopted ways of working remotely, being less stressed, perform much better, communicate better with their employers, and together achieve better results. And it is this word that sums up the remote work paradigm: results are analyzed, not numbers.

    In another order, they cannot fail to name the economic benefits, which, logically, matter to every company. As an employer of remote workers, the fixed costs of office rent and services disappear. Nor will you spend on furniture, on software and you will eliminate those superfluous expenses related to snacks and coffee for your employees. This although it seems irrelevant, really means a high value in the fixed costs of a company.

    Last but not least, you will find a team more predisposed to working together, very involved with the company. And this happens for several reasons. According to surveys carried out with virtual workers, they rest longer and better (there is no public transport that makes them delay), they eat healthier, because they can cook at home. By choosing their workplace, they feel much more relaxed and less pressured.

    You must remember that in this new modern age, work is measured in productivity and no longer in working hours.

    What to keep in mind when hiring a remote team?

    If you have a company and want to venture into this new modality, there are some considerations to contemplate. Once the company is registered on a job search platform, make sure you are as clear as possible in your “advertisement”.

    Define what profile they are looking for. If they need licensed professionals, if the modality will be part, or full time and everything they consider necessary to avoid confusion.

    Also, methodically analyze all the profiles and start a conversation to get to know the candidates better, the feeling is essential to work together.

    Wondering what the benefits of remote work are?

    It is easy to communicate

    Remote workers communicate well.

    We are more connected than ever thanks to technological advances. With cloud computing, laptops, smartphones, and Wi-Fi, people around the world can easily stay connected and communicate their needs.

    When team members need to meet, they can email, instant message, and even attend meetings via face-to-face video chat. And when it comes to needing to share project notes, updates, and documentation, file sharing on platforms works well.

    Increased productivity

    It might not make sense at first, but if you think about it, remote work often leads to higher productivity. When you can choose where to work, you have the potential to be much more productive.

    It is profitable

    Remote work is profitable and saves money

    You will not have to pay for things like office space, furniture, office supplies, cleaning services, technology, and equipment, or even utilities like water and electricity.

    For example, if something breaks in an office, employees typically fill out an IT service request form and you will need to hire and pay an IT team to fix it. As an alternative, your employees like working from the comfort of their home, or anywhere they like to do their job, and other workers pay for those things.

    And do not think that only you will save money by having remote workers. Those who do not have to come to an office every day also save money on travel. Gas, car insurance premiums, wear and much more add up when someone has to drive to and from work 5 days a week.

    Lower staff turnover

    We all know that high employee turnover rates can wreak havoc on a small business’s bottom line. Going through the remote hiring process, training new people, and even buying the necessary supplies can cost a company a lot of money.

    That said, 95% of companies that hire remote workers say that by doing so, their employee retention rates have remained high.

    Part of the reason for this is that when you open your business to hire remote employees, you have more people to choose from for the job because you will have remote candidates.

    If you can choose from people from all over the world applying for a position, you are more likely to tap into the best talent. Those who are good at what they do, appreciate being able to work remotely, and want to work for you are best for low turnover rates.

    Additionally, when people can work remotely, employee satisfaction increases and turnover decreases because:

    • People want and enjoy having control over their lives, while still living full time.
    • Flexibility in working hours is attractive.
    • Traveling with family, attending school or alumni events, and simply taking a break to enjoy life, while still working, is a must to find a work-life balance.
    • People are no longer afraid to call the office sick
    • It offers job seekers new opportunities not always found in the corporate world.

    As you can see, giving people an alternative to working 9 to 5 in a physical office can do wonders for them and their small business.

    Reduce environmental impact

    Here is a feel-good remote work benefit:

    Because remote workers travel less (if at all), your remote company will have a much smaller carbon footprint.

    What do remote workers need?

    Here are some common things remote workers say what they want:

    • Autonomy – Managers who are used to micromanaging should give remote workers the opportunity to complete work on their own.
    • Flexibility – One of the most important things remote workers ask for is a flexible work schedule.
    • Concrete goals – Without a structured environment with deadlines and goals, even the best workers can get distracted.
    • Access to information – It can be difficult to get answers to even simple questions when working remotely. Be sure to set up an organized online area with tons of helpful documents.
    • Communication – Email alone probably will not work, so you will want to set up an online hub for communication.

    Hiring Remote Workers in other countries or states

    You can send emails to numerous individuals after a distant job applicant finishes an application.

    The first step in building a high-performing team always starts with your remote hiring strategy. In fact, it is precisely the process that will allow you to find those employees who are suitable for the position. Furthermore, it will evade wasting your valuable time.

    Research shows that a bad hire can cost a company at least 30% of its profits. That is why recruitment is extremely important in the growth of any business.

    Finding high-quality candidates who are likely to accept positions and therefore contribute to long-term growth is easy if you organize yourself correctly. That is why in this article we want to share with you a key strategy that consists of 5 steps to find the perfect remote candidate the first time and without detours.

    Use your hiring and recruiting data

    First things first, if you do not have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you need to implement one now. On the contrary, if you already have experience with them, the idea is that you learn to take advantage of them in depth.

    Applicant tracking systems are used to generate electronic metrics regarding the recruiting and remote hiring process, from the receipt of the resume to the final step of the hiring itself.

    The idea is that you write down everything relevant to the specific hiring moment you are going through. That is goals, number of candidates needed, abandonment rates, budgets, times, and others.

    With all these notes and calculations on your side, it will be easier for you to understand what you particularly need and you will have a very clear and definite idea to continue with the next steps.

    Make sure your company brand is up to scratch

    One of the most common and effective attraction and recruitment channels is the company’s social networks, from its website. That is where you can see the values ​​of the company related to the brand.

    Candidates will be tempted to work in a company based on the work culture that is shared through these channels. So it is very important that you are up to the task and can show your potential future employees the environment in which they will be immersed in being recruited.

    The idea is not to lose good candidates just because social networks are not up to date. Do not neglect them!

    Learn to write effective job listings

    You should always keep in mind that candidates come across more offers than we can imagine. So it is important to write and publish one that stands out from the rest and draws their attention.

    For this, use a catchy headline and try to write in a way that engages readers to keep going. Describe your ideal candidate, tell the world what you are looking for and what the new member’s skills and values ​​should be like.

    On the other hand, it is also a good idea to briefly tell the history of the company, where it was born and what drives it. In addition, what the work environment that they support and share is. Finally, describe the responsibilities and requirements of the position.

    Post your ads on the right job board

    Many employers make the common mistake of posting on the wrong job boards when they are actually looking for people with experience working remotely. This means that even if traditional job boards allow you to post there, this does not mean that you will find who you are really looking for.

    Act fast on your best options

    Good candidates are not hanging around the market for a long time, you must not forget that. Just as you want them to join your team, many other people do too. That is why you must act quickly on an option that you like and believe is useful and compatible with your company and the position.

    Keep candidates informed about each step, so they know how long to wait and if it is really worth it. Explain to them at the outset what you offer them and always be sincere and attentive. Respecting the time of others is essential to attract good candidates.

    In summary, if you follow the steps of this strategy correctly, you will surely not have any problems and you will be able to add the best talents to your remote team.

    Things to pay attention

    Time zones

    Having remote employees from different parts of the world sometimes means working in diverse time zones. Even if asynchronous communication is key when working remotely, depending on the type of position, it is important to consider and establish if the role should have a certain “overlap” in the number of working hours with some other team members, and areas. customer/user schedules. This should be specified when hiring for the position.

    Language barrier

    Despite having the required technical skills, it is important to remember that candidates will need to communicate with the team and management and therefore ensure that there is an understanding and agreement on the language to be used and that new hires have excellent writing and verbal communication skills in him to do his job effectively.

    To ensure that candidates meet these expectations, it is essential to interview applicants and ask them to perform some tasks in which they will be able to show not only their verbal communication skills but also their written ones.

    Duration of employment

    Since the hiring process takes time, most candidates expect a minimum commitment of 6-12 months from the employer, foreign or otherwise. It is essential to establish this when hiring for any position.

    With percentages increasing daily, companies around the world are increasingly encouraged to hire remote workers. You may wonder why you, who own a small, medium, or large company, should have a team made up of people from all over the world.

    And the simplest and most realistic answer is that it will bring you benefits. Not only financial but also an opening to new experiences. Since you will have profiles of specialized professionals throughout the world, without the pressures of office work.

    Many multinational countries often found other branches in the countries in which they operate. If you only need a few employees, this option can be expensive. However, if the company needs many employees for a long period, it will be worth it.

    It is also important to note that depending on the country, hiring employees as contractors could also create tax-related challenges. For example, some countries may classify independent contractors as employed by the local authority if they only provide services to a single client of the company. the company may be required to pay back taxes, fines, and contributions. So it is recommended that investigate first if this is the case depending on the location of the professional.

    Hiring remote employees from other countries is becoming more common. While there can be challenges to employing a global workforce, there are alternatives that allow you to do so while complying with legal and tax requirements. Do you want to work with us in PEO Middle East? Do not hesitate and contact us! We will be glad to help you.

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