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What you should know about employee relocation to Dubai?

The relocation of the employee of a company can have several reasons such as the expansion of the business or to fill a position. With globalization as a fact and the popularity of remote work, this process is more common today. Therefore, as it is a complex process, a relocation service is ideal for moving an employee to Dubai.

In this article, you will find general information about the process of relocating an employee to a different location. In addition, you will find important details when hiring a company to do this for you. Let us see:

  1. What is employee relocation?
  2. What does a relocation service include?
  3. Is there any benefit in hiring a relocation service in Dubai?
  4. What should you consider before employee relocation?
  5. What are the different types of relocation packages?
  6. How can PEO Middle East help you with the relocation service to Dubai?

1. What is employee relocation?

Relocation service

This process occurs when a company wants to transfer an employee of its business to another place. It can also offer you attractive benefits so that relocation can be an easier and more affordable process. Also, there may be various reasons why a business decides to relocate an employee to a different location.

These may include opening a branch of the business elsewhere, filling a vacant position, or professional growth. Therefore, this type of relocation is a way you can be competitive when looking for the best talent. Hence, in these cases, a relocation service can help you make a smooth employee move.

Likewise, you will be able to choose the benefits that the worker who wishes to relocate to Dubai will receive, depending on their needs. For example, level of employment, housing benefits, or any other benefits you wish to include in your relocation policy. Thus, with these policies, you can dictate everything needed to make your worker happy and more productive.

On the other hand, an employee relocation service tailors its employee help according to current trends. Moreover, these expert organizations allow the employee to be offered the best practices in the workplace.

2. What does a relocation service include?

As an employer, you should know what a relocation service includes so you know exactly what you need to do. Therefore, we describe a series of features included in the activities carried out by this type of company.

2.1 They help in the move of the employee

The main, and most obvious feature is that a relocation service in the UAE handlesthe move for one person. However, the characteristics of the service may vary depending on the company that offers them and their relocation needs. For example, some may offer business relocations, others only personal, and others both.

Also, they can offer relocations on a national scale only or some on an international level.

2.2 Manage the transport of equipment or goods

Relocation service in Dubai usually manages all the details that have to do with the transport of goods. Thus, they perform or can order the transport of equipment, files, office supplies, and other belongings of your company. Also, these companies can set up the necessary services at the new location of the employee.

This includes computer network setup, work items, and anything else you need to get to work. Likewise, you can create an agreement with the relocation service in the UAE company to know the tasks that it will do for you.This also serves to define what your company must do to be successful in relocating the employee.

If the company that provides the service hires another, the latter carries out the transfer of the goods. In this way, you can organize the installation in the home, and arrange the moving of belongings, among other activities.

On the other hand, if the relocation is international, the relocation service in Dubai handles legal matters. These include:

  • Assistance in immigration matters.
  • Employment and residence visas.
  • Work permits.
  • Housing rental, among others.

In addition, these companies can offer guides so that the employee and his/her family can learn the local language, Arabic. Also, they provide valuable support in understanding the most important aspects of the UAE culture.

Another important issue is that the company that hires the assistance must cover the costs not specified in the service contract. However, the provider covers this expense if it occurred due to an error of the provider.

2.3 They offer various service packages

A relocation service provider can offer a variety of packages for its clients to choose the most suitable one. Hence, these can include from a basic level to customized packages according to the company. Therefore, you can find a diversity of costs depending on the particular needs and the level of transfer that you require.

3. Is there any benefit in hiring a relocation service in Dubai?

The process of transferring an employee locally or internationally can be long and complex due to its implications. However, there are benefits related to hiring an employee relocation service to the Emirate of Dubai. Therefore, the advantages of hiring such a service provider include:

3.1 Much easier relocation process

The large number of expats living in Dubai is one reason that these services are widely used. Thus, with a relocation service in the UAE, you ensure that the transfer of your employees or your business is a simple process. Therefore, you will not have to deal with legal issues yourself including visas, installation services, or other issues.

Likewise, it saves time in all the processes since the suppliers have the necessary experience in these processes. Thus, you will not have to worry about any problems moving your employee to Dubai.

3.2 Language and cultural assistance

In any case, where a person changes their place of residence, they must face certain problems, and more so when they change their country. Among the most important are the cultural and language changes of the nation where the employee will now reside. Thus, the culture shock that a person from a Western country will face can be overwhelming for him/her.

Therefore, a relocation service is a valuable help in making your employee happier. In addition, it will help with aspects such as knowing the culture of the Emirates, social rules, knowledge of the language, and other important aspects.

3.3 Facility for employee accommodation

As you have seen before, relocation service in Dubai offers what a person needs to settle in the Emirates. In this way, you will have everything you need to have a standard of living that corresponds to a worker in your company. In this case, the provider can offer a suitable place to live, permits, household items, etc.

Therefore, you can have a satisfied employee, who does not have to worry about handling all these matters alone. Likewise, you will have the security that your employee will be able to work calmly, thus helping your business.

4. What should you consider before employee relocation?

relocation service

Depending on the relocation service provider you hire, you may find a variety of packages to choose from. However, you must consider certain aspects, both personally and professionally, before the relocation process. In addition, it is important to know the benefits that each one offers to know how attractive it can be for the employee.

Therefore, it is good to know the needs of the employee before starting the process of relocating him/her. Below you will find the common aspects to consider before requesting an employee relocation service:

4.1 Help the family of the employee

In many cases, the employee who wants to relocate will have a family that depends on him or her financially. Therefore, it would be important for the worker that the employer provides the necessary support for his/her family. Thus, it is essential that when you hire service providers, you take into account the family of the worker.

In this case, he/her might need help to get a job, child care for his/her children, schools, or high schools, among others. Likewise, you will need help with immigration services, obtaining visas, and all the corresponding legal processes.

4.2 Refund

Commonly since it is the company that requests the transfer of the employee, it should cover the costs of the package. However, if the employee must cover certain aspects of the process, the company should be able to offer the option of reimbursement. Thus, you can choose to offer a reimbursement after the employee submits an expense report.

4.3 Make the relocation date more flexible

Employee relocation is not a simple process for the person involved in it. Therefore, you must be able to offer flexibility so that the employee has all their affairs in order beforehand. In this case, you need to get the perspective of the worker on the time required to complete the process.

In addition, you must inform the company that provides the service so that it can offer you a package that can be adapted to this situation. Thus, the employee will know that the company is aware of their needs, something important for retention.

4.4 Temporary accommodation in Dubai

A relocation service company can offer you the possibility of temporary accommodation so that your worker begins to adapt. Thus, you can investigate the possible forms of temporary accommodation existing in the city. This will help the employee to feel more comfortable in his new environment for a period of one or two months.

5. What are the different types of relocation packages?

As we mentioned earlier, a provider may offer different packages when applying for relocation. These may vary between each of the companies that offer it and may depend on your needs. Therefore, you can take an overview of what is commonly offered by a relocation service in Dubai.

  1. Lump-sum packages consist of a lump sum for the employee to cover all process activities. This type of relocation service is the simplest of all but the result is not always the best. 
  2. The packages known as staggered are those that consider the level of seniority of the employee and the circumstances. This is one of the most commonly used by worker relocation providers for companies. This can be constituted according to the level of the employee, if it is local or international, etc.
  3. Limited budget packages are those that establish a specific amount that the company is willing to invest. Therefore, the employee relocation service company will have an approximate amount that you can work with.
  4. Lastly, you can find packages for higher-level employees commonly known as fully covered packages. These include higher costs due to the level of demand that differentiates it from the previous ones.

6. How can PEO Middle East help you with the relocation service to Dubai?

The service provided by an employee relocation company guarantees the simplicity of the transition process. In addition, it offers a variety of advantages for both your business and the employee who will be relocated. Also, you can choose from a variety of activities that the company providing the service offers. Such as:

On PEO Middle East, we have all the experience necessary for you to take advantage of a relocation company. Otherwise, our immigration service can also be useful for relocation from abroad. Likewise, you can find the best remote employees for your business expansion with our high level of recruitment.

Do you want to make an employee relocation to Dubai and still have questions about the process? No problem, because you can expand this information by contacting us at the telephone number +971 43 316 688 and thus clear up any doubts. In addition, we have the email [email protected] for you can express any concerns, queries, or contract our services.

Searching for a job in the best companies in the UAE can be a difficult process. However, on website you can easily find the best ones. There, you can register and post your CV. In the same way, you can also send it to [email protected] and take advantage of this wornderful opportunity.

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