Know about onboarding and how important it is for organizations

One of the most important processes within a company after hiring employees is onboarding. This allows the employee to adapt to both their job and the culture of the organization. This process must be done in an integral way to obtain the best benefits.

In this article, you will learn the onboarding meaning in HR, and its importance. Likewise, you can see the benefits that you will obtain with this, as well as how to carry it out in the best way. Let us see:

1. What does onboarding mean in business?

2. Who is in charge of doing it?

3. What is the importance of the onboarding process in HR?

4. Are there any benefits of onboarding training?

5. What is the onboarding checklist?

6. How is the process?

7. Is there a set time to do it?

8. How can we help you with the onboarding process in your business?

1. What does onboarding mean in business?

Onboarding in human resources.

It is a term used by the human resources department that refers to the process of incorporating an employee into a company. In addition, it is also known as organizational socialization, something important for the employee to know his place and occupation within the company.

Therefore, thanks to this process, the employee can be perfectly integrated into their functions. There are a variety of activities involved in this process, from the offer of employment to the workforce planning. On-the-job training can have a variable period but most commonly it is a few months.

1.1 Incorporation activities

The onboarding process resides in multiple individual techniques. However, it does not have a formal definition, and opinions vary according to the criteria of the organization. In this sense, it may contain the following:

  • Wage agreements.
  • Political and cultural training of the company.
  • Professional training.
  • Agreements on benefits.
  • Tour of the facilities.
  • Executive staff presentations.
  • Introductions to the working group.

2. Who is in charge of doing it?

The employee onboarding meeting process can be conducted by the human resources staff. Likewise, the manager or personnel trained for said tasks can also do it. Naturally, all these people collaborate in this process in different aspects of the company.

Similarly, the new employee must have a tutor in the process of learning their functions to facilitate it. For this, it is important to assign a well-trained worker and give clear examples of what is required. In addition, the commitment of both parties in this training process is significant.

3. What is the importance of the onboarding process in HR?

This process is transcendental because it accustoms the employees to their job, to the rules, and to what the company offers. It also involves new employees, making them more committed and part of the team, guaranteeing the success of the company. If this process is not done, there will be increases in worker turnover as well as lost productivity.

4. Are there any benefits of onboarding training?

This process has a series of benefits that must be taken into account at the time of hiring:

4.1 Guarantees the attachment and retention of the best talent

Businesses today are constantly on the lookout for the best and most talented workers. This process has become a fierce competition in the recruitment market worldwide. This is due to the ease of offering a good position and salary but you must also give compelling reasons to stay with your company.

Among other compelling reasons, it must offer a cordial relationship with company executives and a good work environment. In this way, applicants will be more attracted to your company and your employees to stay with it.

4.2 Engage the new hire from the start

In particular, commitment is necessary soon after joining a company. You can achieve this by giving each new employee an onboarding meeting that is educational, thoughtful, and fun. As a consequence of this, you will get an employee committed to the organization.

4.3 Increase business expansion

The goal of any onboarding process is employee engagement with the company. This not only provides a good relationship and culture but also encourages business growth. Since it guarantees the permanence of the qualified hand in his job for a longer time.

4.4 Build trust and alignment

A good welcome program informs and educates new workers about organizational practices. Therefore, hold employee meetings with senior management and listen to their opinions. Above all, those are related to the objectives and key initiatives in the company.

Also, this is an excellent time for you to review your mission statement with new workers. Therefore, they will be able to adapt to the culture of your organization.

4.5 It will connect you with your employees

The employees who come to feel more committed to the company are those who manage to have solid connections within it. Therefore, the onboarding process in human resources must include managers and other teammates. In addition, you can contribute to the formation of those connections by placing a mentor for a week, or two.

4.6 Encourage sincere communication

For any employee, when starting a new job, it can be intimidating to raise concerns about your position and duties. However, this program can provide the structure and environment for new hires to get answers. In this way, the worker can clear up any doubts regarding his new workplace without pressure.

4.7 Labor turnover will decrease

Employee turnover, regardless of the reasons for it, can negatively affect your bottom line and team morale. However, an onboarding program helps ensure a better fit between employee and employer from the start. Additionally, it enables the opening of lines of communication and keeps employees engaged for the long term.

5. What is the onboarding checklist?

Onboarding process in companies.

At the time of this, you must choose to include in the checklist the following:

5.1 Make it official with the HR department

Submit the job application document for approval before deciding to hire an employee. This department may also require a background check and drug test before this process.

5.2 Arrange the necessary documents

These include tax documents, the employment contract, specific agreements, or payroll information, among others. Thus, collect each one that the new employee must fill out on their first day. Also, include the employee handbook and information about the benefits the worker will receive.

5.3 Purchase of equipment and furniture

In case it is necessary, it should be done several days in advance so that everything is ready for the new employee. As well, you need to be sure everything is in the right place and ready to go. Likewise, you can include objects with your company logo or even a plant in the work area. For remote workers, you can send them office supplies or even a gift box.

5.4 Prepare the technology

In the age of technology, the onboarding process involves the employee having free access to the digital world of their company. Your technology team must train the employee in the use of these elements, which includes email, and digital tools, among others.

5.5 Onboarding meeting

In this sense, establish a specific moment during the first day of the worker for a meeting of this type. This time is ideal for the employee to sign the papers and learn about the company culture.

5.6 Tour of the facilities

Another thing you can do in the process is give him a tour of the workplace and introduce him to key personnel. Be sure to point out where the restrooms, break rooms, and other common areas are. Also, use this time to provide information about your access code and security protocols.

5.7 Appointment of a mentor

Another good idea is to assign someone from your same department to mentor the new hire in the first few weeks. This allows the worker to meet other people within the department and even to be aware of certain aspects of the role.

5.8 Announce the addition to the work team

This can be done through an email or a business meeting, or even both. This encloses the work to be performed, work history, and skills, among other aspects of the new employee. The important thing is to create a comfortable environment for both the employee and his work team.

5.9 Take feedback from the embedded employee

This process will allow you to know the adaptation of the worker and if you have any input on the induction plan. This way, you will be able to know what item you can add to the new employee onboarding checklist. Additionally, the employee needs to come forward with their questions and concerns so that the company can improve their experience.

6. How is the process?

Employee onboarding should not be an automatic process that simply takes in an employee and trains them for their job. The process needs to be set up to be effective but also a good experience for the newcomer.

6.1 Genuine welcome

The onboarding process must be authentic in each of its steps. In the case of the welcome, the message must be a personal note, or video from the CEO, or manager. This can be done moments after the new employee accepts the offer. It is about making the new hire feel appreciated and truly valued.

6.2 Show appreciation for the time of the worker

To save time and make the process less tedious, use an electronic signature to make it easy for the employee to fill out forms. This will show respect for the time of your new employee and make them feel confident.

6.3 The first impression

At this point, make new employees feel part of the team from the first moment they join. You should try to do it as relaxed as possible, in a simple way. One way is by answering anxiety-provoking questions before your new hires have to. In this way, new employees will lose the nervousness they may feel at the moment.

6.4 Welcome meeting

A good idea is to introduce new employees at a welcome meeting, in person, or a virtual meeting with the immediate team. The latter is ideal for when your company hires overseas workers.

6.5 Management support

To carry out this process effectively, include constant feedback as well as positive encouragement. This helps reinforce the decision of the employee to join your business, especially when reviews are being conducted. In this case, you can achieve it through a message for your first day of work and calls on key dates, among other practices.

7. Is there a set time to do it?

For onboarding training, there is no set rule for the length of time. However, it is important to be scrupulous in this process to obtain the expected benefits. In many cases, experts recommend that the process last around 90 days (some even do it for a year). In this way, employees will have the necessary resources to get to know the company, internalize their training, and feel comfortable.

8. How can we help you with the onboarding process in your business?

When a new employee joins your company, the first step you should take is to go through the necessary induction. In addition, this should be as pleasant as possible and very informative, so that the new employee absorbs it better. Remember, that time is not essential for this, because you can extend it as long as you consider necessary.

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