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NOC Letter for Visa Application

Some visa requirements checklists require the presentation of a certificate or letter of “no objection” or simply a NOC letter. For its part, the presentation of this requirement makes the procedure more complex since the applicants are often unaware of what this is and how to obtain it. However, the process is more difficult when a person applies for a visa for the first time, than when applying for second or more opportunities.

In this article, you will learn what you need to know about a NOC letter. The process to obtain a visa regardless of the country in question is usually not a simple process. Depending on the country of the visa, each procedure is more or less complex, in addition to the fact that the person will have to present the documents requested by the corresponding authority.

  1. What is a NOC letter for Visa Application?
  2. Nature of the NOC letter
  3. Importance of the NOC letter
  4. Why is a NOC letter necessary?
  5. NOC letter types
  6. Forms to obtain an NOC letter from an employer or university
  7. How to write a NOC letter?
  8. Essential information that a NOC letter must contain
  9. How can we help you obtain a NOC letter?

1. What is a NOC letter for Visa Application?

noc letter

A visa NOC letter is a legal document granted by an agency, company, organization, university, etc., to an employee or student where it approves that the visa applicant takes days off to manage the process of obtaining the visa.

Its objective is to reflect the ties that the traveler maintains with his country of origin by demonstrating that he has a stable job or that he is still studying at university, and therefore, it will be less likely that he will try to stay in the country in which he applies for the visa illegally once the validity of his visa expires.

Likewise, the letter establishes that the visa candidate has contractual ties, to return to his country of residence in this place of work if he is an employee or in a university if he is a student.

Of course, the letter must be signed by the legal representative of a company and must have the seal of the institution, as well as by a high-level official of a university such as a rector or a dean of a faculty.

As we well know, the diplomatic official who grants or rejects the visa application must analyze whether the applicant has roots in the country and that is enough for he will return to his country of origin. This is clearly the objective of the NOC letter since with this document it is possible to demonstrate at least a link between the visa applicant and an institution in his country of origin.

For its part, in many countries, in the case of employers will request a NOC letter from sponsor.

2. Nature of the NOC letter

First of all, we are talking about a document with legal validity. Therefore, in order for this document to have legal effects, it must be signed by a competent authority in the institution where the applicant works or studies.

Primarily, the reason for this letter is that the corresponding consular office can analyze and verify that the visa applicant has sufficient legal obligations in his country of residence that will make it practically impossible for him to opt for an illegal stay in the country from which he requests the visa. For example, if a person resides in country X and wishes to travel to Dubai, he will have to request the institution where they work or study to issue a NOC letter to Dubai.

Since this document is a declaration addressed to a diplomatic office, it has a legal character and a formality.

3. Importance of the NOC letter

Depending on the immigration policy of each country, in the event that a country NOC requests a letter for the procedure to obtain a visa, the visa processing center of the diplomatic office will review, among other things, this letter which is one of the most important and necessary documents for the processing of the visa application.

For its part, in recent years there has been a considerable increase in visa rejections, among other things, due to the lack of knowledge that exists about this document.

However, the no-objection certificate is usually optional depending on each country, but its presentation regardless of whether it is mandatory or not can serve to increase the chances of acceptance of the visa application.

As a general rule, the more evidence that is included to demonstrate the intention to return to the country of residence on the departure date indicated on the official visa application form, the more likely it is that the diplomatic office will accept permission to enter the country.

Therefore, providing a NOC letter when carrying out the visa procedures is a way of arguing that there is no interest in extending the stay beyond what is permitted and that the applicant has other academic or work responsibilities in the country of residence.

As its name indicates, this is a legal document that rules out all kinds of objections from any type of institution after a possible departure from the country of the visa applicant. In turn, this letter informs about the moral character of the applicant and ensures that he has obligations in his own country therefore; the possibilities of illegal stay abroad are minimal.

4. Why is a NOC letter necessary?

In some countries, this requirement is optional while in others it is mandatory. Therefore, if you are applying for a visa for a country that requires this document and you do not have it, your request will not be successful.

Normally, the countries that require this requirement compulsorily do so in order to verify that the visa applicant has contractual obligations in their country and that, in theory, they should return to it.

On the other hand, in cases of business visa applications, diplomatic officials want to ensure that the intention of the application for this visa is real.

Therefore, the visa applicant must be aware of what documents must be presented at the time of the interview, and in case the diplomatic office requests the presentation of a NOC letter, the candidate must request this document from the corresponding authority of the institution where he works or studies.

5. NOC letter types

NOC letter

The type of NOC letter will depend on the institution that has to issue it. But in general, there are two types of NOC letters:

  • NOC letter for university students:

This must be signed and issued by a competent official of the university where the visa applicant studies a career.

  • NOC letter for job:

This must be signed by the legal representative of the institution where the employee applying for the visa works.

On the other hand, if the employer or university official issues the NOC letter based on the type of visa that the applicant is planning to apply for, there will be two more types of NOC letter:

  • NOC letter for tourist visa:

It will apply when the employee or university student intends to visit a foreign country for reasons of tourism or to visit family or friends.

  • NOC letter for a business visa:

It applies when the employee or student intends to visit a foreign country for the purpose of attending or participating in commercial activities.

6. Forms to obtain an NOC letter from an employer or university.

The procedure for obtaining this document depends on the policies of the place where the visa applicant works or studies. Being an authority of the institution, company, or university who must prepare this document, the applicant must go to the corresponding department and request this letter with reasonable time in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, if the presentation of this letter is necessary for the application of a visa by an employer, in general, the first thing is to request a permit from the company to manage the visa, which will take a few days in addition to the permit that must be obtained in relation to the days of visiting the foreign country. After obtaining this permit, you may request the drafting of the NOC letter from the corresponding authority.

Also, if the company where the visa applicant works is small, he should ask his boss to write this letter. Now, if it is a median, the visa applicant must request for NOC letter from the manager of the department.

If where the visa applicant works is already a large company, the manager probably does not have time for this. This is where the human resources department is important, which in large companies manages this type of request.

7. How to write a NOC letter?

This would be a NOC letter sample. When writing a NOC letter it is important to keep in mind the following:

This would be a NOC letter format in word:

  • The date of writing the letter.
  • The reasons why the N.O.C letter is being drafted.
  • Details about the employer who works in the company or the student who is pursuing a university degree.
  • The approval of the leave by the employer for visa purposes, in addition to the dates of the leave.
  • The NOC letter must be addressed to the corresponding consular office.
  • Do not make the letter very long.
  • Use formal language since the letter is addressed to an official institution.

8. Essential information that a NOC letter must contain.

For this document to be valid, it must contain very specific information, which in this regard is as follows:

8.1 Details of the institution, company, or university

At the time of writing this letter, it must contain the following information about the institution, company, or university:

Likewise, this would be a format for this type of letter

  • Name and surname of the person who sign the document.
  • Position held in the institution, company, or university.
  • Exact direction.
  • Telephone contacts.
  • Email of the institution, company, or university.
  • Signature.

Data of the visa applicant:

The data will depend on whether the visa applicant is an employee or a university student.

For the cases of employees, this is a format of an N.O.C letter:

  • Full name.
  • ID number.
  • Position held in the workplace.
  • Time on the job.
  • Annual salary.
  • License dates.

Now, if the visa applicant is a university student, this would be a format NOC letter:

  • Full name.
  • ID number.
  • Department or area of ​​study
  • Starting year at university.
  • Permit days.

9. How can we help you obtain a NOC letter?

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