Things to know about an environmentally conscious workplace

Caring for the environment has become a priority for all the inhabitants of the planet. In all aspects of daily life, people are finding ways to contribute to this. By creating an environmentally conscious workplace, your business enters the world of nature-friendly.

In this article, you can see what environmental consciousness means and how it is continually growing. Also, there are a series of recommendations that you can follow to achieve this awareness in your company. You can see it below:

1. What is environmental consciousness?

2. Has environmental consciousness grown?

3. How can it be applied in the workplace?

4. What advantages do environmentally conscious workplaces offer?

5. How can we help you create a sustainable workplace?

1. What is environmental consciousness?

Environmentally conscious workplace.

This notion refers to general philosophy, social movement, or lifestyle. When talking about this concept, also known as environmental awareness or eco-consciousness, it is the concern for the conservation of the environment. Environmentalism includes all living things, surrounds nature, and the protection of their rights.

Likewise, it is about human beings taking care of the environment and being responsible for their actions in that regard. With the taking of some decisive actions, such as the use of renewable resources among others, you can achieve it. In addition, this awareness has become important thanks to scientific studies that show the deterioration of the planet.

2. Has environmental consciousness grown?

The world is increasingly aware of caring for the environment, something that has increased with the pandemic. It has been proven that 70% of people are more aware of how we treat nature. In fact, notions such as eco-friendly, going green, eco-awareness, green energy, or environmentalism have been introduced.

Likewise, concepts such as sustainability, recycling, renewable resources, among others, have gained momentum. Thus, people are increasing their desire to take care of the environment and devising plans to achieve it. To ignore all this would be to pretend to live in an isolated world where nothing bad is happening.

The idea of global warming is no longer a myth, climate change is not for the future. These two situations are already happening today. However, even humanity is in time to take action and reduce the effects of these problems.

For these reasons, companies should start implementing (if they have not already) policies that help the environment. Create an environmentally conscious workplace so as not to be left behind in reducing the carbon footprint. People are looking closely at companies to see if they are making a significant contribution.

The new generations are well planted in supporting brands that are friendly to the environment. As a result, if your company has not yet started to implement environmental care policies, take the first step. In contrast, if you have already started, continue and do not stop.

3. How can it be applied in the workplace?

Due to global warming and climate change, it is important to be environmentally conscious not only at work but remote employees at home too. People can achieve this through small changes, it is about modifying certain attitudes and habits. The intention to help the environment is what will drive these changes, for which the planet will be grateful.

Below is a list of changes you can start making. All of them are simple and easy to follow but with a great effect.

3.1 Electricity savings

During the day make sure computer screens are on low brightness. Also, set a time of about ten minutes for them to go into sleep mode when not in use. Another thing you can do is unplug electrical devices that are not in use. Although it may seem simple, this can save energy and even money.

Apart from the above, when you have finished the workday, make sure to turn off all the lights in the office. You should also make sure that all non-essential computers and electronic equipment have been turned off. On the other hand, as far as possible, use saving light bulbs, as well as natural light.

All these habits can be achieved through an environmental care policy in your office. In this way, your employees will be aware of your methods and adopt these habits on their own. This is one way to have an environmentally conscious workplace.

3.2 Save paper

The “print on both sides” policy can save you up to 50% on paper. Similarly, choose to buy recycled paper, as help against deforestation. Another little addition to the atmosphere is that if you were to discard a piece of paper and it had a blank space, you could cut it out and write notes on it.

Likewise, it should encourage the use of virtual tools to reduce the use of printing paper. For example, many digital instruments have proven to be useful when producing reports. You can also share documents as well as edit them with cloud-based software.

In this same order, if you have not applied it yet, you can use a projector instead of paper when giving a presentation.

3.3 Plastic handling

The impact on the environment of plastic waste is enormous. It is not just plastic bottles but cutlery, cups, wrappers, bags, packaging, etc. So be sure to use reusable products to replace your old ones. For example, using a stainless steel cup or bottle is much kinder to the environment.

Likewise, if there is a dining room or break room in your company, change the plastic utensils for reusable elements. This will reduce the number of disposable utensils.

3.4 Office supplies

There is a diversity of office supplies that are more environmentally friendly than others. Among these are pens with non-toxic inks, 100% recycled paper, refillable ink cartridges, pencils made from recycled material, etc. All of these items will save you money and support environmental initiatives.

Likewise, create within your organization an ecological culture when providing these elements. In this sense, keep your staff informed of what products they can or cannot buy, to achieve sustainable solutions. For this, get help through the internet or from PEO organizations that are experts in environmental issues.

3.5 Recycling bins

The most visible way to encourage your employees to have an environmentally conscious workplace is by placing recycling baskets. This must be able to be placed in a suitable place, in view of all, and that is crowded. Accompany it with notices that these types of baskets have been installed so that all staff is aware.

However, it may not be possible to place it inside the office for various reasons. Thus, you can place it in an external location and stimulate your employees to deposit the material on their way out.

3.6 Office furniture recycling

One of the customs when remodeling an office is to get rid of the elements that are no longer used. Instead of doing that, consider donating most or all of them. Conversely, if it does not qualify for donation, all or parts of the item may be recyclable.

Also, when buying, choose furniture built to last, that is easily repairable, or also recyclable. You can obtain information on the manufacturing process of the object, to ascertain its “ecological footprint”. In this way, you will know that you are really contributing to creating an environmentally conscious workplace.

3.7 Cleaning products

Many cleaning products contain ingredients that can be harmful to health and the environment. For this reason, it is important to buy products of this type that are ecologically certified. In the market, you can find many that are made from natural substances instead of common chemicals.

Also, many of these natural products work in the same way as name-brand products.

3.8 Decorate with real plants

Although this may not seem like a big change when it comes to creating an environmentally conscious workplace, you may be surprised. Plants placed inside the office clean the air thanks to the increase in oxygen. In addition, they absorb toxins released by certain items such as printers or cleaning products.

Likewise, placing some of these plants will create a more relaxed and pleasant work environment. It can even increase the productivity of your organization and improve the mental health of your workers.

3.9 Telecommuting

Remote work is very common today and also favors the care of the environment. If some of your employees qualify to work from home, you can opt for a telecommuting plan. This type of work offers the benefit of reducing your “carbon footprint” as well as the comfort of the job for the employee.

In this sense, the type of hybrid work can be established, some days at home, others in person. It is a matter of agreement between the worker and the company.

3.10 The carbon footprint of your company

This process implies knowing what the direct and indirect emissions your company generates are. There are organizations that can give you specialized advise in this regard. Also, you can find some online tools that help you calculate that footprint.

The goal is to gradually reduce them to acceptable levels. Of course, this procedure cannot be carried out in one go. The organization must find the solutions applicable to each element, based on the previous evaluation.

3.11 Establish caring for the environment as a value of your company

This helps create a culture of sustainability, so you can have an environmentally conscious workplace. The company can set goals by department or employees and reward those who achieve them. In this way, everyone will be involved in this task and you will have a team that is more committed to conserving the environment.

3.12 Other practices

There are other tasks that organizations and employees can carry to help the environment. It is about committing and doing the best that each one can do. Some of these measures are:

  • Motion sensors for lights. These are useful for when people constantly forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room.
  • Carpooling. This solution allows you to reduce the carbon footprint of your employees.
  • Documents printing. Ask yourself whether to print a document or not.
  • Digital invitations. Instead of traditional invitations to company events or parties, consider using digital ones.
  • Refillable pens. This type of pen only needs a cartridge change and lasts a long time.
  • Hand dryers. If you have not already, consider replacing paper hand towels with automatic dryers.
  • Vegetarian food. Substituting meat when ordering food for a gathering helps reduce the impact of food on the environment.

4. What advantages do environmentally conscious workplaces offer?

Having an environmentally conscious workplace helps reduce the impact on nature. In addition to this, you will also get benefits for your company, such as:

  • Cost reduction: Reuse, recycle, reduce, and avoid processes help your business reduce costs. This means you can reuse items, recycle unneeded items, reduce the purchase of some, and avoid others.
  • Customer attraction: To differentiate your business from competitors, spread the word about your green practices. This will get a lot of new customers to notice your brand as people support these initiatives.
  • Improves sustainability: Thanks to environmental practices, your business will increase its levels of success.

5. How can we help you create a sustainable workplace?

Green practices in offices and workplaces are increasing, due to growing environmental awareness. Many of them are easy to carry out and can adapt to any company that wants to improve in that regard. One of the best ways to implement them is by creating green policies in the workplace.

Our organization can help you achieve this in your company, thanks to our saving methods. Apart from this, we can offer you specialized recruitment services in the Middle East. Likewise, you can enjoy our Employer of Record (EOR) services.

Want to learn more about creating an environmentally conscious workplace? You can contact us through the email [email protected]. Likewise, through the telephone number +971 43 316 688, we can also clear your doubts.

You can send us an email to [email protected], if you want to work with us. Similarly, you can go to, and leave us your resume or apply for a wide range of jobs in the UAE.

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