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What is a recruitment tech stack?

Technological tools are available to everyone in every aspect of life. Likewise, in the business world, this is no different, as a recruitment tech stack can now be counted on to simplify the process of selecting the best candidate.

In this article, you will be able to see in detail each of the aspects related to these tools. Furthermore, you will find the way to implement them in your company, as well as the benefits that they will bring you when applying them. Below you can see in detail:

1. What is a recruitment tech stack?

2. Why does your company need it?

3. How to build your recruitment tech stack?

4. How can we help you apply these tools?

1. What is a recruitment tech stack?

It is a series of technological tools that work in a unified way to provide companies with the best personnel recruitment process. These tools can vary according to the specific needs of each company, ranging from mobile applications, and the use of bots, among others.

Also, despite being of various types, they get integrated (or “stacked”) to provide a technological system, which can be used by employees and the different departments that make up the company. These types of tools maximize and make more efficient as well as accurate the personnel selection process for your organization.

2. Why does your company need it?

Technology has allowed many of the scientific and even everyday processes to become something simpler than in previous times. This is no different when it comes to business. Therefore, a recruitment tech stack offers many benefits that are often not achieved when it comes to a hands-off process.

Some of the advantages offered by this type of technology are:

  • Increases the valuation of your company.
  • It will allow you to choose the best-qualified candidates.
  • Streamlining of the personnel hiring process thanks to automation.
  • Reduction of the time needed to carry out the recruitment.
  • Improves this procedure for all parties involved: candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.
  • Hiring is based on data that can be easily authenticated.
  • Expansion of search channels (with the use of social networks).
  • Keeps you up to date on the performance of your employees.

3. How to build your recruitment tech stack?

Now that you know the basics regarding the recruitment tech stack, it is time for you to learn what you need to do to create one for your company. In addition, you must have knowledge of each of them so that you know which one to use. This is because you will not necessarily need all of them, but the ones that suit your business.

3.1 Identify the needs of your company

One of the first things to consider when implementing a recruitment tech stack in your business is to be clear about your needs. You can define these in terms of recruitment, business requirements and problems to be solved.

You must be as detailed as possible so that you can make a clear outline of all these aspects. Of course, you will achieve it with the help of the recruiting staff of the company. The importance lies in the fact of a detailed understanding and a global perspective that will serve in the future.

The analysis will allow you to know how these recruiting technologies can help you find the right solutions for each situation. For example, data management benefits, improved communication, and optimization tools to save time.

3.2 Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The applicant tracking system or ATS is software that manages the entire recruitment process, from the creation of the employee vacancy in the company to the hiring of the ideal candidate for the requested position. Also, this is the basis of the recruitment process of your company.

An ATS allows you to automate data and its collection for recruitment optimization. Likewise, you will have a list of candidates stored for future hiring when vacancies arise in the company.

On the other hand, with an ATS you will get the following benefits:

  • Easy access and management of information thanks to a centralized database.
  • Time-saving, since technological means offer the automatization of the process.
  • Cost efficiency achieved through the above advantages.
  • Precise filtering and selection, some software has the autonomy to identify workflows.
  • Improved monitoring of each stage of the process.
  • Better experience for candidates, as they get the information of the status of their candidacy through the automatization of responses.

3.3 Use of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is one of the recruitment tech stack tools that bring great benefits to companies. This is because they allow time and cost savings generated by the selection processes. In addition, these procedures involve a large number of tasks done traditionally.

Likewise, the use of artificial intelligence performs the selection process predictively. This means that the algorithm used by the AI ​​allows the recruiter to reach the right candidate. You can achieve this thanks to the professional profile and the analysis of the appropriate attributes for each job.

In the same way, this technology is based on the incorporation history of the company to establish an ideal profile. The foregoing will help the recruitment and human resources department to better understand the characteristics and particularities of the position.

The AI ​​can perform tasks that, while common, can take up a lot of time of the recruiting staff. These tasks include sending automated emails, reviewing and filtering CVs, phone calls, as well as analyzing their results through forms.

3.4 Use of video

The use of video calls has been increasing exponentially in all areas and has become a very useful tool in business. Their usefulness is evident from the fact that they can be done from anywhere and only requires an internet connection.

Therefore, this makes it a good fit for the recruitment tech stack in your business. In addition, this tool allows you to create a more relaxed environment, allowing the candidate to show why he is the ideal applicant.

There are various types of interviews that you can implement in your company, which you can adapt to the needs of it. The alternatives you can choose are:

3.4.1 Video quiz

In this format, the candidate has the opportunity to answer a series of pre-established questions (customizable for each occasion). You can establish a time of no more than 2 minutes that is common to answer each question, which serves as a filter for the process. They include those that test the abilities inherent to the position (for example, speaking another language)

In addition, the efficiency of this method lies in the fact that it is fast and reduces costs, which you cannot get in the traditional way.

3.4.2 Video interview

This procedure, unlike the previous one, is a traditional interview conducted through a video technology platform adapted to business needs. Of course, this method, implemented correctly, will help reduce the logistics costs that are generated in this stage of the process.

In the same way, with this type of interview, you can have a more comprehensive perception of work skills. It is also more pleasant for the applicant, in terms of transfers and comfort.

3.4.3 Smart Video

This tool for the recruitment tech stack enables intelligent video recording. In addition, it is designed in a more optimized and sophisticated way for the staff recruitment process.

On the other hand, by allowing the recording of the interview, the recruitment staff can access multiple functionalities. These include marking the most important moments, qualifying the skills of applicants, involving employees close to the position to give their opinion, among other advantages.

In addition, you can add crowdsourcing to increase the efficiency of this method. This means that you can conduct this type of interview simultaneously and at flexible hours. This will help speed up the selection process, choose the best candidate and add more prestige to your brand.

3.5 Recruitment marketing tool

All companies aspire that the employees they have are the best qualified for each particular job. For this and other reasons, recruitment marketing is one of the most suitable instruments to attract professionals and capable personnel. Thus, it should always be present in your recruitment tech stack.

This tool benefits from the analysis of the data that has been collected by the company. In this way, the market can be known and where it is trending, taking advantage of the information to act.

For the rest, recruitment marketing is not only useful when choosing the best talent, but also provides tools concerning candidates. This means that you can foresee the behavior of each one and facilitate decisions at the time of the process.

There are many advantages to using this element in the recruiting process. Among those, we find:

  • Attraction: This tool allows you to improve the image of your brand to present yourself to the candidates in a nicer way.
  • Filter: Achieved through the database created in the company. Due to the number of candidates, professional requirements must be established in addition to personal ones.
  • Development: The exhaustive analysis of the data allows selecting the ideal personnel.
  • Commitment: Thanks to the good brand image that your company has achieved, applicants will see you as one that cares about its employees.

Specifically, recruitment marketing tools are those that will allow you to find the ideal candidates, as well as attract new talent. In addition, they will motivate applicants to interact with their job advertisements.

3.6 Candidate selection tool

The selection of the ideal candidate can be an arduous task since it can take a long time while being unsure about obtaining the desired results. This process includes contacting each of the applicants until interviewing candidates who ultimately do not turn out.

These tools will help, not only to find the best candidate for the position but also to do it efficiently. Fortunately, there is specific software that will help you manage a large volume of resumes without wasting time or resources.

Below, you can see what benefits you will get by using software for the recruitment process:

  • The selection process is faster: One of the advantages of having these tools is that they automate and simplify all the recruitment processes. This will assure that you save time and money in the process.
  • Dynamization and digitalization of processes: Another benefit of having these tools in your recruitment tech stack is the removal of time and geographic barriers. These allow a simple, fast, and economical application of a wide variety of candidate evaluation tests.
  • Customization of the process: To improve your selection results, in addition to boosting your employer brand, you can customize this process. You can achieve this in each of its phases depending on the needs of your company.
  • Reduces selection bias: This is achieved through the use of neuroscience-based tools for the objective evaluation of each applicant. Thus, you will be able to eliminate any prejudice in the choice of the best candidates.

4. How can we help you apply these tools?

As you will have seen throughout this article, the implementation of various technological tools offers many advantages. Your company will save time, monetary resources and, above all, will simplify the selection process. Thus, you will have the best human material in your organization.

Once you have learned about each of these tools and their benefits, you can take the next step: implement them in your business. For that, you can count on our recruitment services, as well as those of HR management and other solutions for your company.

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