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DIB Salary Advance You Know Everything About Here

The DIB salary advance is the right tool if you need to get immediate cash for any emergency. Just by having your account at Dubai Islamic Bank, you can get this very useful benefit. In addition, it does not require extensive paperwork and you can do it each month easily and quickly.

In this article, you will find all the necessary information about this facility, including the requirements. The same way, we will show you the terms and conditions of the service, as well as the application process. Let us observe:

1. What is the DIB advance salary?

2. Eligibility for the salary advance DIB

3. How to apply and when will you receive the DIB salary advance?

4. Dubai Islamic Bank Advance Salary Terms and Conditions

5. Take advantage of our knowledge about the DIB salary advance

1. What is the DIB advance salary?

DIB salary advance

The Dubai Islamic Bank advance salary is a benefit offered by this institution for workers who need it. However, this advance can only be requested by employees who receive their salaries through this financial institution. Not only in the United Arab Emirates does this modality exist but it is common in other countries.

To receive this benefit, you will only have to comply with the terms and conditions established by the bank. In this case, the process is simple and will allow you to get 90% of your monthly salary when you need it. However, you must pay the DIB salary advance charges, which amount to AED 525 for the service.

Also, you must consider that the percentage of the advance is on your net salary, that is, after deductions. In addition, you must cancel the DIB salary advance on the last day of the month in which you make the request. Therefore, if you are late in canceling the benefit, you will have to pay the late fees.

1.1 How does the Dubai Islamic Bank salary advance work?

This advance, as we have mentioned, will allow you to obtain up to 90% of your net salary. You can make the withdrawal through a DIB cash deposit machine or a check at the bank branch. For the rest, this withdrawal can be done at any time of each month, as long as it complies with the repayment period.

2. Eligibility for the salary advance DIB

There are certain conditions for a worker to receive the DIB salary advance in the case of an unforeseen event. One of these conditions is that the employee must receive their salary payment through the Dubai Islamic Bank. Therefore, if you do not meet this main requirement, you will not be able to obtain the benefit at this institution.

In addition, you must meet the age criteria to receive the salary in advance DIB if necessary. In this case, the minimum entry age is 21 years, while the maximum age is 64 years. Likewise, the maximum coverage age for a worker to receive the benefit is 65 years.

3. How to apply and when will you receive the DIB salary advance?

DIB salary advance

To receive the DIB salary advance, the institution has several methods to facilitate the process for workers. Each of these methods is simple and accommodates the needs and availability of the employee. The benefit application methods are as follows:

  • Through the Al Islami web platform.
  • Using the Dubai Islamic Bank app on your smartphone.
  • If you are registered with Al Islami SMS Banking, you can send an SMS to 4222 with the word “SIA”.
  • You can also make a call to the Al Islami number.
  • On any DIB deposit machine.
  • In the same way, you can go to any branch of the Islamic Bank of Dubai.

As you have seen, there are several useful methods to do the salary advance request for your convenience. In addition, you will receive a free Takaful in an amount equal to the amount of the advance you requested.

3.1 When will you receive the DIB salary advance?

You will receive the response to your salary in advance application immediately, as well as the accreditation of the requested amount. In this way, in case of any emergency of any nature, you will be able to have the cash immediately. In addition, you will not have to carry out extensive paperwork or complex procedures to apply for and receive the benefit.

This coverage is a free Takaful that is equivalent to the amount of the requested loan. However, this is subject to the maximum claim amount of AED 13,500 in the case of permanent total disability or death. However, if the DIB salary advance not working, you should contact the bank to find out what is happening.

4. Dubai Islamic Bank Advance Salary Terms and Conditions

The Dubai Islamic Bank has established the terms and conditions for a worker to receive the salary advance. In this sense, one of the conditions that govern this benefit is related to the general conditions of bank accounts. At the same time, if there is any type of conflict or discrepancy, the terms of the advance will control.

In addition, the service is only for people considered eligible according to the conditions and terms of the bank. Within the criteria is the fact that the worker must receive his salary at the financial institution.

4.1 Duties and rights of the client for the DIB salary advance

The client must comply with the requirements established by the bank, which includes the transfer of salary to the DIB. That is, the client must agree not to transfer his salary to another financial institution without the approval of the bank. You must also agree that you receive the service only because of your employment with the company you work for at the time of application.

Thus, if the employee changes employer, the former must inform the bank of the said situation in advance. In this case, the bank will have the right to request any extra documentation according to its policy. In addition, you will receive the settlement of the amount owed for the end of the salary advance DIB service from your previous employer.

On the other hand, the financial institution will obtain the reimbursement of the facility by the client in his account. In addition, as we have previously mentioned, the refund cannot exceed the last day of the month of the request or the first day of the following month. In addition, the message over limit facility DIB debit card means that you will not be able to request the service.

Hence, you will have to wait for the following month if you want to request it since the service is unique each month. However, you can request as many times as necessary but once a month.

4.2 Duties and rights of the bank

Dubai Islamic Bank charges a fee for the advance salary application process for workers. In addition, this rate is not related to the amount of the withdrawal or the holding of the facility. Likewise, by accepting the terms and conditions, the client accepts the collection of the outstanding amount of any of his accounts.

In the same way, the bank will only grant the applicant an amount less than the net salary of the applicant. Thus, you can do a Dubai Islamic Bank Salary inquiry to know the benefit limit. In addition, the bank may reduce the amount or eliminate the credit limit in the event of a negative variation in your salary.

On the other hand, the bank can make any modification to the terms and conditions related to the facility. This includes the over credit limit fee DIB or other charges and processing fees. However, any change will be displayed in the offices or website of the DIB and will take effect from the date of notification.

Likewise, the bank may require any guarantee other than the salary received at the bank, to cover the amount of the benefit. This must be done by the client at any time when the bank requests it, even after receiving the benefit.

On the other hand, the bank can initiate a legal procedure against the client in case of delay in the cancellation of his account. This occurs despite the postponement or delay of the cancellation request, which does not mean the waiver of their rights to benefit the Client. In addition, the client will have to cover the legal expenses for the compensation of the amount owed to the bank.

4.3 Other terms of the advance salary DIB

The currency of the credit line is the UAE Dirham, which means that the application cannot be made in another currency. However, the Bank may collect DIB salary advance late payment charges from any customer account. This includes foreign currency accounts but with the caveat that conversion to Dirhams must be made at the time of collection.

The terms and conditions of the service will be drafted both in Arabic, as well as in English. However, in case of discrepancy or the resolution of conflicts, the Arabic text shall prevail over the translation.

On the other hand, once you sign the service form, both online and physically, you are accepting the terms and conditions. This is because you certify that you have read and understand each aspect of the DIB advance salary. In this case, it also includes your acknowledgment that the bank may make any changes it deems necessary.

Each of these conditions is subject to the laws of the UAE and the regulations of the Central Bank of the country. However, the mentioned laws must not conflict with the Sharia principles established in the AAOIFI standards. Likewise, it is the competent court of the nation that will resolve any dispute arising concerning these terms and conditions.

4.4 Failure to pay

In case of non-payment by the client, the bank has the absolute discretion to authorize collection agents. Such agents may be both in the United Arab Emirates as well as abroad to collect. In addition, the client authorizes the bank to provide any documentation on the facility and other accounts to the officials.

This includes obtaining and verifying any information concerning the fund of a person or entity. Likewise, the bank may provide the same types of data to local or international authorities or any entity.

On the other hand, as a customer, you must authorize the bank to assign an authorized collection agent to your account. In addition, by accepting the terms and conditions, said agents may collect the pending amounts. The authorization includes a visit by the officials to your place of work or your home to monitor the pending amount.

5. Take advantage of our knowledge about the DIB salary advance

The advance salary is an opportunity that this financial institution gives you in case you need to solve any emergency. Through this benefit, you will be able to obtain up to 90% of your net monthly salary quickly and easily. For example, you can go to DIB Sheikh Zayed road or use the other means mentioned.

We offer you our extensive knowledge of this and other labor issues in the United Arab Emirates. In this sense, we offer a series of complete and integral services for you or your company that includes:

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