Egypt Professional Employment Organization

Egypt Professional Employment Organization

Egypt Professional Employment Organization-In PEO Middle East we provide our partners to hire workers in Egypt without establishing a legal entity or registering a subsidiary. Similarly, hiring employees via a Professional Employer Organization is a quick and efficient option, mainly when you are starting if you are starting in the country.

Egypt Professional Employment Organization , Compensation and Benefits

Egypt Professional Employment Organization-In addition, in PEO Middle East we assist you in the different tasks of this process such as benefits, HR management, payroll, taxes, and compliance management. Therefore, we hire the workers on your behalf, we employ them legally; complying with the country’s employment laws. Working with us you have total control without facing legal entity liabilities faster and easy.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Employment contracts in Egypt
  3. Termination/severance
  4. Paid leave and worker benefits in Egypt
  5. Holidays in Egypt
  6. Benefits of working with us
  7. How do we like to work?
  8. Why PEO Middle East is the best option for PEO services in Egypt?
Egypt Professional Employment Organization


Labor relations in the private sector in the country are ruled by the Egyptian Labor Law Number 12 from the years 1973, as well as other ministries.

Certainly, labor laws are strict and highly regulated, it is important that all contracts and employment practices are compliant. In PEO Middle East, we work with a team of specialized experts assisting so that each contract meets all requirements. Further, we provide you with the hiring best practices keeping you up to date with all labor regulations changes.

Similarly, we like to apprise our partners of the cultural norms in Egypt.

Employment contracts in Egypt

Certainly, there are certain regulations you must know about compliant employment contracts; as well as how we can provide the best PEO services for your business needs:


You must keep the following list in mind when you are considering an appropriate salary for your new workers:

  • There is no mandatory minimum wage in the private sector.
  • The different collective agreements may influence the legal salary range.
  • Working on the weekends requires double wages and an added day off.
  • For any daily work over 8 hours, workers have the right to 135% of their income for overtime during daylight time and 170% for overtime during the night. Similarly, the workers cannot work more than 2 hours of overtime daily.

As your partner in the country; in PEO Middle East we provide your business with insights and resources about worker compensation, this way you have a better understanding of competitive employment offers.

Working hours

Egypt’s law states an 8-hour workday, with a maximum of 48 total hours weekly. Similarly, after 5 consecutive hours, workers have the right to a break. In addition, for every 6 days of continuous work, they have the right to a day off.


Certainly, bonuses are not mandatory in Egypt but are provided by some organizations.

Probation period

In addition, the probation period cannot exceed 3 months, and workers cannot work on probation twice for the same company. However, during this period, companies can terminate employees without notice or cause.


Companies must inform workers of termination in writing. However, the amount of notice period required is based on the worker’s length of service:

  • -10 years: 2 months.
  • 10 years of continuous service or more: 3 months.

Companies cannot terminate their workers if there is no ‘grave fault’ involved, we define these faults below:

  • Submitting false documents or assuming a false identity.
  • Causing serious damage to the company in purpose, as long as the company informs the authorities within 24 hours.
  • Failing to comply with written safety regulations.
  • Failing to attend the workplace without cause for more than 10 days or 20 nonconsecutive days in a full work year.
  • business secrets
  • Competing with the company.
  • Being under the influence of drugs or drunk at the workplace.
  • Assaulting a manager.

Above all, workers who commit a grave fault lose the right to compensation pay.

If there is no grave fault cause, termination of an employee is wrongful and the company must pay compensation ranging from 2 months’ wages for each year of service or the worker’s gross salary for the remaining length of the contract.

Workers can terminate their contract for legitimate social, economic, or health reasons. Likewise, they must provide from 2 to 3 months of notice.

In PEO Middle East, we work with you side by side to rapidly handle the future events of a worker termination, providing a personalized process and legal guidance to keep you out of labor courts.

Paid leave and worker benefits in Egypt

Certainly, when you are in the process of negotiating the terms of a new employment contract in Egypt, there are some paid leave and statutory benefits you must have in mind:

Maternity leave: female employees who have worked continuously for the same company have the right to 90 days of maternity leave and cannot return to work for at least 45 days after giving birth. Similarly, working mothers have the right to up to 2 years of unpaid maternity leave. In addition, a female employee is only granted twice by the same company.

Vacation: workers who have completed 1 year of services with the same worker have the right to 21 days of paid leave yearly. In the same vein, after 10 years of continuous service of reaching the age of 50, the vacation period increases to 30 days.

Companies can determine the dates of annual leave; however, workers have the right to take at least 6 continuous days. In addition, after 5 years of service, workers have the right to 1 month of paid leave to visit Jerusalem or to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. However, workers receive this only once.

Similarly, workers required to work on vacation periods are entitled to double pay.

Holidays in Egypt

Workers have the right to paid leave with full payment during the 14 public holidays of the country:

  • Eid al Fitr (2 days).
  • Revolution Day.
  • Armed Forces Day.
  • Eid al Adha (3 days).
  • Eastern Christmas.
  • Revolution Day.
  • Sham El Nessim.
  • Labor Day.
  • Sinai Liberation Day.
  • Islamic New Year.
  • Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

Benefits of working with us

  1. Payroll processing: our team of specialized experts handles the different tasks of deductions, taxes, payments, and other payroll-related tasks.
  2. Benefits management: we also assist you with your benefits management to expand increase and expand your worker retention.
  3. HR services: in PEO Middle East we provide our partners in Egypt with support for HR policies, employment contracts, and more.
  4. Legal compliance: with our legal guidance, our team of experts will ensure your business complies with the different labor and employment laws in Egypt.
  5. Sponsorship: we assist you to process work permits, process visas, and any additional information you need for your workforce.

How do we like to work?

  1. Suitable solution

In this part, you get in touch with us.

  1. Improve your business’ growth

After we reach an agreement, you may focus on your core activities since we will handle the different tasks of your human resources department.

  1. Simple process

In this step, we set you up with everything you need to start operating. Likewise, working side-by-side with us you ensure your company improves in its operations.

  1. HR tasks

In this step, we will start handling your HR process on your behalf. In addition, PEO Middle East, our team of experts will understand the needs of your business and will offer you customized services.

Why PEO Middle East is the best option for Egypt Professional Employment Organization Services?

Certainly, when you want to hire employees in a new country; one of the most time-consuming expensive processes is to establish a legal entity so you can hire them legally. Working with us you ensure your business complies with the local labor and employment laws in Egypt.

As a Global PEO, in PEO Middle East we provide you with the different services to smooth your HR departments such as payroll administration including all calculations, fillings, and payments. With our different PEO services, we will take care of the tedious aspects of running a payroll, thus, allowing allow you to focus on the core activities of your company.

If you would like to start working at Egypt Professional Employment Organization and can call us via +971 433 1 688. Or you can email us via [email protected]. You will speak to one of us and we will kindly answer all of your questions.

Egypt Professional Employment Organization and Benefits

Egypt Professional Employment Organization-An international workforce is an essential tool for your company's growth. Expansion comes with a few hurdles, though. Managing your team in a single office involves several administrative tasks. Those responsibilities become even more challenging when you have employees around the world.