Oman Employer of Record

Oman Employer of Record

Oman Employer of Record- In PEO Middle East with our PEO and Oman Employer of Record services, we allow businesses to recruit workers and run payroll without having to establish a subsidiary or branch office in Oman. Similarly, we hire your potential worker through our innovative processes according to the different employment laws in the country.

Oman Employer of Record, Compensation and Benefits

Oman Employer of Record- In addition, we onboard your employees in a matter of days instead of the usual months it would take if you hire them normally. After that, the individuals would incorporate into your team working as if they were inner workers of your organization.

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Oman Holidays
  3. Bonus in the country
  4. Working Hours
  5. Vacations in Oman
  6. Sick Leaves in the country
  7. Special Leave in Oman
  8. Maternity Leave in the country
  9. Severance/Termination in Oman
  10. Oman Taxes
  11. Health Insurance
  12. Additional Benefits in Oman
  13. Employment Contracts
  14. Why PEO Middle East is the best option for Oman Employer of Record Services?
Oman Employer of Record


Our EoR, PEO, and thorough services allow businesses to manage payroll in the country while we take care of the different HR processes, taxes, and compliance management. As a global PEO specialist, we work with the best practices when it comes to the employment contracts, market and statutory benefits, severance and termination, and employee expenses.

Moreover, we will also keep you and your company informed of all changes to labor and employment laws in Oman.

Working with us you ensure your new employee is dedicated 100% to your business, has better onboarding experience, and is productive sooner. Similarly, you will have comfort with your new hires since we have the best team of professionals in the country. However, in PEO Middle East we allow you to employ the best talent in more than 185 around the globe, painlessly and quickly.

In other words, Oman is located in the South Coast of the Arabian Peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf. Firstly, this is a monarchic country and its current head, Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, came to power in January of 2020. Secondly, now the country is promoting tourism as a way to diversify the country’s economy.

You may want to consider the next key factors when you are in the process of negotiating terms of offer letters and employment contracts in the country:

Oman Holidays

This beautiful country celebrates 9 national holidays throughout the year:

New Year’s Day: January 1st.

Lailat Al Miraj: March 11th.

Eid Al Fitr: May 13th to May 15th.

Renaissance Day: July 23rd.

Eid Al Adha: July 20th to July 23rd.

Al Higra: July 29th.

Birthday of HM Sultan Qaboos: November 18th.

Oman National Day: November 18th.

Milad Un Nabi: October 19th.

Bonus in the country

Performance-based and annual bonuses are common in Oman.

Working Hours

The country’s workweek is usually between 40 and 48 hours, but it can be reduced during Ramadan.

Vacations in Oman

After the employee completes 6 months of continuous service, they have the right to a month of calendar days of paid yearly leave. However, they can take this in parts.

Sick Leaves in the country

Certainly, all workers have the right to 10 weeks of sick leave annually. However, it is paid as follows:

  • First 2 weeks of leave: Full salary.
  • Third and fourth weeks: 75% of salary.
  • Fifth and sixth weeks of leave: half of the salary.
  • Seventh to tenth weeks of leave: a quarter of the salary.

All workers usually have the right to an emergency leave of 6 days with their full salary, but they can take only 2 days at a time.

Special Leave in Oman

Workers are eligible for the next types of leave with their full salary:

  • Marriage: 3 days.
  • Death of a close relative: 3 days.
  • Death of aunt or uncle: 2 days.
  • Al-Haj pilgrimage: 15 days (only after the employee has been working continuously for 1 year).
  • Death of a Muslim wife’s spouse: 130 days.
  • Examination: 15 days.

Maternity Leave in the country

All female workers have the right to 50 days of fully paid maternity leave. However, there is no mandatory paternity leave in the country.

      9. Severance/Termination in Oman

The employment laws allow periods of probation of up to three months. However, companies must terminate employees with at least 7 days of notice.

In addition, companies must terminate employees that work under a fixed-term contract with at least 30 days of notice, if they do not intend to renew the contract. Likewise, this also must include the reason for non-renewal. If they fail to provide notice the employee can file a lawsuit against the company.

In other words, employees with indefinite term contracts also have the right to 30 days of termination. Similarly, the organization must state a ‘fair and reasonable’ for the termination with documentation. However, these causes are difficult to prove in the country.

After employments complete their contracts, they are eligible for an indemnity payment. At the end of a contract, employees are generally eligible for an indemnity payment. We explain these terms in the following list:

  • 3 years of employment: 15 days’ pay per year worked.
  • +3 years of employment: 1 month’s salary per year worked.

Oman Taxes

Certainly, all companies must contribute 10% of the wages to social security and 1% for working injuries and illnesses. However, the workers of Oman must contribute 7% of their salary to social security. In other words, social security deductions do not apply for ex-pats workers.

Health Insurance

The country offers free universal healthcare for all Omanis. However, all ex-pats must find private healthcare insurance.

Additional Benefits in Oman

Some of the common workers’ benefits are:

  • Education allowance.
  • Housing allowance.
  • Medical benefits.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Eids and Ramadan allowances.
  • Travel allowance.

Employment Contracts

It is mandatory for all companies to state a written contract in Oman, in the local language, which declares the worker’s benefits, severance and termination requirements as well as the compensation. Above all, all employment contracts and offer letters in the country always must declare compensation amounts and wages in Omani rial instead of a foreign currency.

Why PEO Middle East is the best option for Oman Employer of Record Services?

Above all, establishing a subsidiary or branch office in Oman even to engage a small team is an expensive, tedious, and costly process. Certainly, the labor and employment laws of this country have several worker protection policies. Therefore, this requires understanding the vast local practices and requires great attention to detail.

PEO Middle East allows you to easily establish and expand in Oman. Similarly, we want to assist you to hire the worker of your choice, ensure you comply with the different labor laws, and handle payroll and HR processes without setting up a subsidiary or branch office. Our professional services of Global PEO and Global Oman Employer of Record allow you to focus on your business.

In conclusion, if you would like to discuss how we can provide you with the best PEO and Oman Employer of Record services you can email us via [email protected]. In addition, you can call us at +971 433 1 688.

Oman Employer of Record and Benefits

Oman Employer of Record- An international workforce is an essential tool for your company's growth. Expansion comes with a few hurdles, though. Managing your team in a single office involves several administrative tasks. Those responsibilities become even more challenging when you have employees around the world.